Matėjovský is satisfied with the first tests of his new Seat car

Michal Matėjovský is setting off to a test drive at the Valencia circuit, Spain
- 9. 2. 2009, Valencia, Spain -

On Monday, 9 February 2009, in very favourable weather, the Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia, Spain, saw the SUNRED team's first testing event, which was attended by the drivers who should take part in the upcoming second year of the Seat Leon Eurocup series.

Some of Matėjovský's colleagues from the series' last year, such as Diego Puyo or James Nash, of Great Britain, were absent from the tests, however, several new drivers joined in, namely Nick de Brujin, of the Netherlands (Formula BMW, debut in NASCAR last year), and Aldo de Ponti, of Italy (Supercopa, SLEC). Also involved was Tim Coronel, brother of Tom Coronel, a well-known Dutch racing driver, who takes part in the FIA WTCC races under the colours of the SUNRED team. The SUNRED team's nine cars were not the only vehicles on the track as the event was attended by five drivers from other teams, providing an opportunity to draw a comparison. The results speak for themselves (the official results listing is attached to this article): the best times were alternately clocked by Tim Coronel and by the SUNRED-BRT team's Michal Matėjovský, who top the standings.

'This testing event, in particular, was to offer us the first driving experience after the long winter break. I have had the first opportunity to acquaint myself with the new car, whose preparation, this time, was partly performed in our workshops in the Czech Republic during the winter break. The new Seat has made a good impression on me. However, we will have to continue our work in further tests to fine-tune the chassis, where some improvements can still be made. We have obtained the important introductory data from a circuit where this year's first two races will take place in May,' Michal Matėjovský expressed his satisfaction after coming back from Valencia.

Michal Matėjovský, with his car in the Valencia circuit pits Tom Coronel and Michal Matėjovský View of the pits in the course of the testing Several of the team's cars after the tests



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