Interesting contest

Photograph from the contest of MAXIM's editor Adam Maršál and racing driver Michal Matějovský
- 21. 1. 2009, Hradec Králové -

At the end of last year, Michal Matějovský took part in an interesting contest at the Most racing circuit. Challenged by the well-known monthly journal MAXIM, Michal competed with one of MAXIM's editors not only on the track of the Most circuit, but also in the cockpit of a computer-based driving simulator. The results of the two contests were published in MAXIM's January edition. Moreover, a copy of the respective article is attached to this information.

These days, however, Michal Matějovský has other things to do. That is, his Seat race car for the 2009 season has been prepared and moved to the SUNRED team's facilities at Martorell, where the last adjustments are being performed before this year's first testing event. Also, the winter section of Michal's fitness training program is just culminating, and the date of Michal's departure for Valencia, Spain, is quickly coming near, as the first testing takes place there in two weeks' time.



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