First tests with car SALEEN waiting for Matějovský

Michal Matějovský in cockpit of the car SALEEN S7R
- 3. 3. 2009, Česká Třebová -

The test driver K plus K motorsport Michal Matějovský visited the workshop of the team in Česká Třebová at the beginning of the week. He met the engineers and mechanics of the team and together they set the seat and pedals in the racing car SALEEN S7R.

Michal has been invited for the first test drives already for this month. "The test will take place on one of the neighboring abroad circuits. We keep an eye on the weather changes and according to it we will decided which circuit we will drive at the end of the month." Said Pavel Sršeň, the business director of the team. "I am looking forward to the testing a lot. This is going to be the first testing with such strong car in my life.." adds Michal Matějovský, who will try to acquire as much experience as possible and who will carefully watch the ride of such pilots as Karl Wendlinger…

Before testing the car SALEEN Matějovský will go to Barcelona in the middle of March where another test with team SUNRED-BRT is expecting him. It is a preparation for this year series of Seat Leon Eurocup.

The driver Michal Matějovský together with the manager of the team K plus K motorsport Roman Seidl by the car SALEEN S7R Michal Matějovský together with Pavel Sršeň, the business director of K plus K motorsport The overall view of the car SALEEN S7R in the workshop of K plus K motorsport Look into the cockpit of the car SALEEN S7R



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