Duo of automobile racers seeing the Regional Governor

Governor of Hradec Králové Region Lubomír Franc together with the drivers Michal Matějovský and Josef Král
- 5. 5. 2009, Hradec Králové -

The Hradec Králové automobile racers Michal Matějovský and Josef Král visited the seat of the Regional Office, where they were welcomed by the Governor of Hradec Králové Region Mr. Lubomír Franc.

The talented racers talked during the informal chat about their plans and targets for the coming motorsport season in which they are going to be introduced in the colors of Bohemia Racing Team. Twenty-three years old Michal Matějovský will participate on the six-part SEAT Leon Eurocup with the Czech-Spanish team SUNDRED-BRT as he did last year. Five years younger Josef Král will participate on the eight-part serial International Formula Master with the Italian team JD Motorsport. This is a unique case when two pilots from one city will compare their powers with the world elite in the top serials. The governors wished them both good luck and expressed his conviction that they will both well represent and promote their city and region. Lubomír Franc will have chance to see the art of driving of both young drivers on his own eyes on Masaryk Circuit in Brno in June. Michal Matějovský and Josef Král will start there within the competitions of world championship of the touring cars.

Group photo with the drivers The governor Franc talking to the driver Josef Král Michal Matějovský informing governor Franc about the racing technics The governor received from the drivers some souvenir pictures with their racing technics



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