Matėjovský in Most with Seat

Michal Matėjovský together with Vlado Hybáček during the races of ICCR in Most
- 8. 8. 2009, Most -

The driver of the team SUNRED-BRT Michal Matėjovský used the summer break between the races of SEAT Leon Eurocup for the events with sponsors. Therefore it was no chance that on August 6 he appeared in Prague O2 Žluté Láznė, where was within the framework of "Day of SEAT" a birthday concert of the band Monkey Business. Michal showed there a little of his driving skills, when he drove on the simulator of the company 301 ( a limit time, which later some of the visitors of the event tried to overcome in a competition. Two competitors with the best time were later awarded with an invitation of the team SUNRED-BRT to come to the Brno circuit, where they will be guests of the team during the autumn testing and also they will have an opportunity to drive in the racing Seat together with the driver Michal Matėjovský. Besides this Michal was also interviewed together with Matėj Rappert, the frontman of the band Monkey Business for the web portal O2 Extra and they also gave a few autographs to the visitors of the concert.

Right after the concert Matėjovský moved over to Most for further testing race, which took place within the International Championship of the CR in the category D4 (to 2000 ccm) as a part of the racing weekend of championship FIA of Central Europe with the car SEAT Leon TDI, prepared by the Slovak team SEAT Sport Slovakia. The car underwent many adjustments and improvements since the last race, which also took place in Most. "Technicians and mechanics of SEAT Sport in Bratislava did very good job under the supervision of Vladimír Hybáček and they shifted the car a little more forward again. We were on the 4th place in the Saturday endurance 3hours race. In the next season the car should be fully able to compete with the best," said Matėjovský after the race in Most.

Michal Matėjovský together with the mechanic of the team SEAT Sport Slovakia Michal Matėjovský in cockpit of the car SEAT Sport Slovakia On the start of the Saturday race From the Saturday endurance race
Matėj Ruppert and Michal Matėjovský Matej Ruppert from the band Monkey Business and Michal Matėjovský during the interview for the web portal O2 Extra Michal Matėjovský during his ride on the simulator of the company 301 There were many people interested in the ride on the racing simulator



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