Rotax Eurochallenge, Genk, Belgium, Opened by Timed Practice Sessions

- 29. 3. 2012, Genk, Belgium -

After the final free practice sessions the drivers staged in time practice sessions. The category Rotax Max Seniors qualification was directed by English pilots, Czechs were no success, just Jiří Forman was keeping with the top, but finished as the 20th, losing a bit to the top positions. The English again got the two top finish places in the category Rotax Max Juniors, Jan Filip, the best among the Czechs, finished on the 32nd place.

The timed practice sessions were hold in the categories Junior in two groups, in Senior in three groups, in the category DD2 all drivers went in one group. The results after the counted up times in timed practice sessions are as follows: Categorie Rotax Senior Max final places: 1st Sean Babington (GB), time 54.464; 2nd Jack Aitken (GB), time 54.483; 3rd Harrison Scott (GB), time 54.498; 4th Ash Hand (GB), time 54.572; 5th Barrie Pullinger (GB), time 54.574; Czech pilots' positions: " 20th Jiří Forman, MS Kart Racing Team, time 54.777; " 59th Petr Fulín, MS Kart Racing Team, time 55.213; " 65th Miroslav Kovář, MS Kart Racing Team, time 55.241; " 80th Petr Běžel, MS Kart Racing Team, time 55.472; " 89th David Richtár, Gregor Racing, time 56.026; Category Rotax Junior Max final places: 1st Harry Webb (GB), time 55.851; 2nd Ryan Anderton (GB), time 55.862; 3rd Sam Schippers (NED), time 55.932; 4th Cem Bolukbasi (TUR), time 55.938; 5th Janneau Esmeijer (NED), time 55.997; Czech pilots' postions: " 32nd Jan Filip, OK Kart, time 56,434; " 37th Jakub Kadlčák, Gregor Racing, time 56.495; " 46th Tomáš Salva, MS Kart Racing Team, time 56.565.



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