Grand Final in Wackersdorf

- 13. 5. 2012, Wackersdorf, Germany -

The beginning of today's performance in the Rotax Eurochallenge 2012 included correcting sessions in the Junior and Senior categories in which six Czech drivers were in total, but also the so-called consolation race entered by one Czech team member, Jiří Forman, who managed to qualify in the Senior category qualification on the great 7th place. We could see three Czechs in the final; the best Jiří Forman came 8th in the Pre-Final and 13th in the Final. First, the drivers of the Senior category appeared at the start of the Second Chance Heat, including two Czechs. Petr Běžel started from the third row, Petr Fulín from the seventh.

Naturally, both of them wanted to be among six who would qualify. After thrilling battles when Petr Běžel dropped down from the fourth to sixth place, excellently and fast driving Petr Fulín got just behind him; finally Petr Běžel came sixth, Petr Fulín, unfortunately, seventh. Initially, it seemed that the Czech Republic would have just two pilots in the final. However, one of the drivers ahead of ours was against, to be exact his mechanics, who made a technical mistake resulting in disqualification, that means we will have three pilots in the Senior category Final. Our drivers in the Second Chance Heat of the Junior category, however, were not so lucky - to be honest their performance were not a brilliant one - and no one qualified for the Final. Tomáš Salva was with the highest chance since he started well, then driving on the fourth position, but took a too short cut in one corner which was exploited by a driver behind, finally when Tomáš wanted to re-take his position a collision occurred and the race was over for him. Miroslav Kovář did not break through the unlucky weekend and did not do well in the Consolidation Race, so after a poor performance he was the last to come to the finish line.

Since neither in the DD2 category nor in Senior was a Czech driver, all our fans mainly focused on the Senior category Pre-Final. There was, indeed, a lot to watch. Jiří Forman started excellently and was moving among the first ten during all race; positions were changing by each lap. Two laps before the finish, Jiří got to the fifth place but made a tiny mistake resulting in drop-down by three places. Just a second of lapse in concentration in such a tight race and all become critical. Fortunately, Jiří mustered all his strength and finally took the eight place. Also going well was Petr Fulín who found out he would be in the final just five minutes before the start while wearing a "civilian dress" and driving a go-kart in kart rental, whereas his mechanics were watching on stands approaching start of "his" Senior category. So we were extremely likely to see an attempt for the world record as regards both driver's and machine preparation for the race. It was a success therefore Petr was finally delighted as he took the 18th place. Petr Běžel improved his position since he managed to come 20th from the last row.

The final part was launched by the DD2 category; after a beautiful pursuit drive, the win was chalked up by Xen De Ruewe (BEL) prior to Mathias Detige (BEL) and Lucas Orrock (GBR). Following next the Junior category was dominated by Benelux, now Belgians, with Janneau Esmeier coming first, and Sam Schippers, coming second; third place went to Lando Norris, England.

The climax came in the Senior category Final. I´ll luck for us, as no member of the Czech team was lucky in the mass collision after the start and all had to fight from the back positions. Jiří Forman was gradually moving ahead fighting with a group of strong drivers to finally overtake some rivals and get the 13th place. Strongly fighting too, Peter Běžel was waved by a checkerboard flag as 22nd. Petr Fulín's machine had the damaged chassis therefore he got the 32nd place. The Final was dominated by those who were not involved in the collision, so the first place went to Edward Brand, England; second to Harrison Scott, England; and third to Philip Morin, Sweden.

Also the boss of the MS Kart Racing Team, Milan Šimák was watching the race and after it finished he evaluated his drivers' participation: "On one hand, I feel happy that our machines conclusively proved competitive by the times and places both in timed practices and most racing drivers. On the other hand I am sad as luck was not mainly on Jiří Forman's side and was not among the podiums. He definitely deserves that for his attitude and performance."



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