Matějovský Again in Truck Racing ...

- 21. 6. 2012, Hradec Králové -

As notified before opening, Michal Matějovský's driving season this year has been partly affected by his university studies, which he has just completed by passing bachelor exams. He can entirely devote himself to racing now.

Michal has taken part in the FIA ETCC round on the Slovakia Ring, Slovakia, this year. Victory he captured was a worth of a record in historical table since he has been the first Czech to win a cup in one round of this important Europe series. However, he was not able to enter another (Salzburgring, 25. 5.) since he was busy studying, which virtually kills change for being among podium finishes. Therefore the decision was made before the previous FIA ETCC round (Imola, 23. 6.) to divert financial resources allocated for this year's FIA ETCC into other motorsport disciplines, thus the driver will be able to gain more valuable experience. Considering the team history, it is truck racing that should logically be Michal's career high in the future. Now, Michal Matějovský's participation in the FIA European Truck Racing Championship 2012 is being busily worked on, so we suppose that we will present information about Michal's start in the 20th- anniversary truck racing event on the Autodrom Most.

The International Circuit Car Racing Championship of the Czech Republic in Most, Czech Republic (4.-5. 8. 2012), is the nearest future event Michal will enter, traditionally in the BRT team's colours, in AUDI A4 DTM machine. The chief aim of the 2012 season to test supposable different specialisation and achieve partial results that will help to set aims for next season and future has been set with respect to the driver's time possibilities. Then discussed with team partners they will be specified at the end of this year.



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