Matìjovskı on Nürburgring with Team Buggyra

- 16. 7. 2012, Nürburgring, Germany -

A Czech pilot, Michal Matìjovskı, and the team Buggyra spent part of the last weekend on the famous German racing circuit Nürburgring. "We tested together on the Most's circuit about ten days ago, and now I was able to work with the team during the "live" round of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship series on the Nürburgring. I had opportunity to take a look inside the "team kitchen" during all racing weekend, which offered valuable experience," assessed the weekend's visit to the team Buggyra Michal Matìjovskı after coming back. Thus, Matìjovkı, Hradec Králové's racer, is finishing to pick out a racing machine and team before the forthcoming domestic truck race in Most, CZ, which he is supposed to enter. The lot seems to indicate that just Buggyra could be Matìjovkı's debut stable in the truck races.

"The decision should be made in a few days. I shortly tested a Renault in the past, and I have already driven a truck Buggyra. I could see the team's brilliant performance; they have excellent facilities. I was fascinated by the round in Germany. Naturally I have known many drivers like Antonio Albacete, Ludovic Faure, Jochen Hahn, Markus Oestereich, as well as all Czech racers, since the times my father was racing. Among drivers, however, are many new beings. It was thrilling to watch them fight in front of a traditionally excellent spectator background. I feel happy to witness David Vršeckı succeeded in being among podiums, and I express my congratulations to him and the team on that achievement," added Michal Matìjovskı.



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