Two Golds from Slovakia Ring

-19. 8. 2012, Sloakia Ring -

After the two Sunday's sprints, both Bohemia Racing Team pilots stood on the podium. Anton Kiaba experienced his great weekend as he got two golds. Michal Matėjovský notched up the third and the second place. What characterizes the successful weekend in Slovakia is blistering heat, crowd of spectators and a magnificent sporting spectacle.

The situation in the afternoon race was alike. First, it was Matėjovský who was in lead changing his position with Kiaba, so they both were showing perfectly synchronised team drive on the edge. The spectators gave them enthusiastic applause. The mandatory drive-through penalties came out well this time, and both drivers got back to the top of the starting field. Thus Tony Kiaba was going for another gold, tightly followed by silver Michal Matėjovský.

Contrary to the initial schedule, both sprints were finally on Sunday, since a Slovak driver Višōovský in his Ferrari met with a badly looking accident in Saturday's race after the start. The organisers decided to finish that drive and reschedule for Sunday morning instead of initially planned qualification. Michal Matėjovský followed by Tony Kiaba won the Friday qualification, which qualified positions on the starting grid for the first sprint. After the Sunday's start of that rescheduled race, Kiaba moved into a lead, followed by Matėjovský. As they had to serve the drive-through penalties, the positions were changing. Kiaba gained a lead at the end of the race, unfortunately, having driven through pits, Michal was then blocked by one-lap-slower drivers and did not managed to get before a Slovak driver Konopka in Saleen, who came second. In addition to points for the third podium finish, but also the first in the Czech championship placing, Michal also scored the fastest lap in the race.

"It was a wonderful weekend indeed, and I hugely enjoyed it. Satisfied spectators, satisfied partners, there is nothing more to wish. The two first places at home are a matter of great importance for me, and I must thank all Bohemia Racing Team for that, as they helped me to enjoy this experience," said happily on the Sunday evening Kiaba.

"I am also well satisfied, since I got maximum points in the Czech championship ranking. The fact is that the heat in the afternoon was not pleasant at all, and the car got a bit weak. But, perhaps, it is normal. The lads will have a look at it. Anyway, I am leaving Slovakia feeling satisfied,"said Michal Matėjovský.

"It was a successful weekend; we yielded all we put in. We never underestimate the preparation, and we always make all technical pettiness in process. Naturally, we have to dismantle, re-inspect, or possibly repair the machine, but now we will have enough time. The autumn prix of the Masaryk Circuit is not until the second half of September, that means now next month," finished the Slovak weekend the BRT manager, Petr Najman.



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