Ji Forman On Visit Trucks

- 31. 8. 2012, Most, CZE -

It was also a successful kart racing driver Ji Forman who took a visit on Friday, 31 August 2012, to the Buggyra stable on the racing circuit in Most. He looked round the race track with interest, and his team mate Michal Matjovsk put him in the picture of the team work at the beginning of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship in the Most event.

"I was watching today's practice drives and found it really interesting, naturally, far different to our way of racing. A chance may arise to try myself driving in a racing truck this year. It would hold special appeal for me, nevertheless, I am concentrating now on the forthcoming round of the European series Rotax Euro Challenge 2012 in Salbris, France, held in fourteen days," said on the Friday's afternoon Ji Forman, who is to enter two rounds of the British championship on the racing circuit PF International in the second half of September, and on the Shenington kart racing circuit in the mid-October.



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