Red Flag Above Circuit!

- 2. 8. 2012, Most, CZE -

Today, David Vršecký took sixth place in the opening race on the circuit in Most. Michal Matějovský finished fourteenth.

David started from the third row like yesterday aiming to better his position. However, Adam Lacko fully served the role as effective barrier, as he drove his rival off as early as in the first lap. "I found myself in a problematic situation. I guess, when Adam was lodging protest yesterday he knew he had no chance. But he calculated with the fact that stewards would devote extra attention to me, and I cannot get away with any contact," explained the trucker coming from Roudnice. Next performance featured Vršecký's attempts to overtake and Lacko's ingenious defensive. Afterwards a red flag began flapping above the circuit in the tenth lap since Orsini met with an accident (and ambulance appeared), so the race was early finished. "It was a shame; apparently, I was faster but there was no chance, also because I overheated the tyres during the first attack and had to wait next two laps. Let's hope it will be better in the last race. But, may Orsini is OK, it's the most important," voiced hope Vršecký.

Michal Matějovský started well, and after the first lap he "settled" on the fourteenth position behind Jean-Pierre Blaise, Belgium, who was defending his position like Lacko against David Vršecký. Michal attacked the Belgian several times, so it seemed he would soon overtake him. Then the third weekend race was finished early, thus Matějovský finally took fourteenth place.



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