Matějovský Is To Drive in Jarama

- 26. 9. 2012, Prague, CZE -

Resulting from a brilliant performance in Most, also based on the agreement between the Buggyra team and the Czechoslovak Motorsport standing in for Michal Matějovský, the decision has been taken recently to let him start in Jarama, Spain. Last but one event of the European championship is held next weekend, on 6th - 7th October 2012.

Not intending to speak on his partners' behalf, the Buggyra team manager, Jan Kalivoda, and his team, however, felt utterly content with Michal's performance in Most. That is why the contract regarding the event in Jarama (Le Mans is still being negotiated) has been entered into without complications. "Michal is backed by many professionals, first by his father, who all are easy to co-operate with. Moreover they are fully familiar with the truck-racing environment," commented Jan on the contract. "Michal handled his first start in the domestic environment despite he was under considerable pressure, and got satisfactory result. Me personally see no reason why he shouldn't carry on this trend in Spain."

Questions are being brought up now relating to Michal's start in Jarama whether he is able to cope with the extremely demanding track in technical terms, whose shape is far different from the circuit in Most, since he is just a beginner. "Personally, I do not see it as an insoluble problem. Well, Michal is a trucker - starter, but not a racing driver - beginner. Jarama is heavy, but it might just suit his driving nature," said David Vršecký. "Moreover, I think he is able to judge accurately the limits of his ability at the exact moment, and alter his behaviour on circuit as needed. What is the most important is that he can extend his limits systematically."

"I do like racing, besides, Jarama can help me to realize my motorsport career. I have felt enthusiastic about the truck racing, and I can imagine myself devoting to trucks more intensively," made David's point Michal Matějovský, and his father added: "Any opportunity to try the true race is always welcome. As regards me, it is the matter of heart, the circuit in Jarama has ever been my favourite; there is a great spectators background."



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