Both Vršeckı and Matìjovskı Intend to Enjoy Jarama

- 3. 10. 2012, Prague, CZE -

The racing circuit in Jarama, Spain, hosting last but one event of this year's truck racing championship this weekend belongs to David Vršeckı's favourit. No surprise as he won the title of the Europe's Champion just here in the seasons of 2008 and 2009. Michal Matìjovskı would like to remind the Spanish of the name Matìjovskı they knew full well ten years ago, and to follow up with his successful truck-racing debut.

The first two places have been already taken this year, likewise a year ago, however, according to the double Europe's Champion the third notch acts as a strong stimulus worth fighting for, naturally. The "quartet" of the racing drivers - Lacko, Östreich, Bösiger (Renault) and Vršeckı (Buggyra) have every chance of winning this podium finish. "It has seemed clear, virtually, since the very beginning that Jochen and Antonio would leave all behind. Anyway, Jarama is not going to fail a thrilling plot. Considering the traditional date, a lot of people will come to support Antonio, and the atmosphere will be lively. Then nothing seems impossible," guesses the team manager, Jan Kalivoda, and denies any pressure David would be placed under. "We all have to realize that we will defend last year's positions, at least, which is definitely no failure in the competition with multinational concerns. We work on the basis of a long-term conception, which is reflected in the results."

David defended the "old" setup after Zolder saying that the burst radiator, which robbed him of the Sunday's cup race, belongs to the category of defects that cannot be prevented. What seems more surprising is that despite a lack of time his racing special has undergone a considerable change (Matìjovskı's Buggyra is with a standard setup). "It is innovated rear axle expected to improve the traction," revealed David. "We have long been thinking of that, now the season is about to end, a double-race awaits us in Jarama and Le Mans, so why not to try it?"

It is important to emphasise that no time was left for testing now, although it is widely known that a pair Vršeckı - Dolejš have both a positive attitude to testing. "It was nothing we could do. Boys arrived from Belgium on Tuesday to head for Madrid at the beginning of this week. We are going to test during free practices in Jarama. As we all know, the race is held in Le Mans that time next week. Any piece of data may come in handy," added the technical director of Buggyra. Despite the fact that David is now, before Jarama, losing thirty points on Adam Lacko he has not yet given up the fight for bronze, definitely. "It would be clear if Adam was in the lead by 121 points. In that event I would have to cope with the fact that it won't turn up well. Thirty points is a lot, but the two races still remain," made David his point he had expressed immediately after Zolder. "I said that time we were going on; I don't have any reason to change it. Well, if you ask me about my ambitions, I will certainly enter every ride truly desiring to win. What I don't know is what the others think."

Michal Matìjovskı, in Most a new but successful driver, will start in Jarama too. According to Jan Kalivoda, the negotiations on his participation have been conducted in a constructive spirit thanks to the team management's experience. It seems very likely that Michal will also enter the event in Le Mans. "Both parties showed their potential and abilities in Most, which left room for ongoing negotiations," added the team manager in reference to prospects of their next co-operation. "According to the latest news, around thirty racing trucks are supposed to start in Jarama, and as far as I know, the round in Spain has ever had a great atmosphere; so I am really looking forward to it, and hope I will get creditable results," said Michal Matìjovskı who is flying to Madrid with the Buggyra team on Thursday, 4th October 2012.



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