Tatra Buggyra Racing Team Withdrawing From Dakar 2014

- 11. 1. 2014, Salta, Argentina -

The Sunday of 12th January 2014 saw another race; unluckily, Martin Kolomı suffered from troubles again. He went 300km out of a 500-km-long timed section with a burst turbo pipe, that means in emergency regime. However, after all previous technical problems the Czech pilot did not get disconcerted by this one, and would manage to finish among first tens! NEVERTELESS, AFTER IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS THE TEAM MANAGEMENT AND THE CREW ARRIVED AT DECISION TO WITHDRAW FROM THIS YEAR'S DAKAR RALLY, AS PEOPLE'S SAFETY TAKES FIRST PRIORITY OVER POTENTIAL SPORTS SUCCESS.

"On Saturday evening, compatriots living close to Salta came around. It was moving to see them being immersed in Martin Kolomı's performance, and it was clear they had all become his fans. Another 500-km-long timed section awaited the crew next day, with the Start and Finish approx. 100 km off the Bivouac. We and Jaroslav Walter, a driver of a racing LIAZ who is not going on, moved to the Start to see Martin Kolomı. Amazingly, everything on the track was worth seeing. Spectators got literally crazy when the Tatra 815 Buggyra was coming! Martin Kolomı was zooming but driving precisely. It was evident he was able to win the top standings," informed Miroslav Forman from the journalists' accompanying car.

After considering all possibilities and assessing potential risks that would outweigh next participation in the competition all the Tatra Buggyra Racing Team consulted together. "We had discussed and assessed all variants and the team came to the final decision not to take unnecessary risks for partial success in another half of the race. Innovative solutions to the braking system of the front axle had been adopted, but failed. Unfortunately, it turned out that some micro-cracks appeared in the front axle that would poses hazard for the crew if going on. Nevertheless, prior to the competition, this year had been already termed as "broadening experience"... Now, we need to evaluate all collected pieces with the aim to succeed in next races. Thanks go to all people from the Tatra, and other partners for their fantastic support," informed of the team's final decision Martin Kolomı.

Crews are setting off on stage to Calama, Chile, tomorrow, covering 823km in total, out of which 302km of timed section. Our journalists' accompanying car as well the special Tatra 815 Buggyara are moving on on a 605-km-long journey. Both routes will climb up the height of 5,000 metres above sea level, and all participants will be travelling across Chile, then going back to their homes. What has been left to say is: "We're waving farewell to you, Argentina, thanks for your warm hospitality, and loads of keen and spontaneous spectators along the whole route of the race. We hope you'll show us your more favourable character next year."

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(from Argentina Miroslav Forman).

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