DAKAR 2014 On Move from Argentina to Chile

- 13. 1. 2014, Calama, Chile -

There has been no morning hustle and bustle as usual for the first time here in the Dakar; it was nowhere to rush, yet all of us were feeling some annoyance. Martin Kolomř had withdrawn from the competition, and it seemed as if no one knew what to be engaged in to kill that out-of-the-blue-free time. Leaving the Bivouac for Calama, Chile, was a sort of a quiet one. The TATRA Buggyra Racing Team crew was going on an over-700-km-long transfer across the mountains raising over 4,000 metres.

"Our journalists' assistant car visited the centre of Salta as we had to do some shopping and send e-mails. The rest of company, the assistant truck and the racing Tatra 815 Buggyra left for Calama together. It was first on our journey we had been allowed to truly enjoy admiring the scenery; honestly, some of the views were really stunning. In particular, the journey across a plateau, over 300km in length at the height of 4,000 metres above sea level was splendid, full of magnificent scenery. We tried to record a bit, we'll see if succeeded in," depicted the remarkably beautiful scenery and the DAKAR Rally sections Miroslav Forman, and went on: "It was not until after the sunset when we arrived at the Bivouac lying in the area of sand dunes close to the local airport. While walking through we didn't fail to notice how much the hard Dakar affects people and vehicles. We could see signs of tiredness on their faces, some of them seemed utterly exhausted, the vehicles looked far away from those polished and clean ones they had been at the Start. Many cars and motorbikes had been already placed on trailers, that means were not roadworthy, the numbers of many others had been crossed, which indicated withdrawal from the race, a lot of them couldn't cover up grazes they had suffered."

"The Dakar, indeed, is a sort of competition that no other one compares with, even impossible to be simulated. Therefore I view the withdrawal positively. We've gained a wealth of knowledge and collected data that would be impossible to get elsewhere. It also provides me with a chance to watch other participants, I can see their hard effort they put in the race. We've agreed today that another year, the Dakar Rally 2015, has actually begun for us ... We are brooding over all that had happened to us, we are discussing, and hopefully we'll gradually formulate our philosophy and construct for next year. I'm already looking forward to it," said Martin Kolomř, apparently in a more cheerful mood than he had been in yesterday in Salta.

All of the TATRA Buggyra Racing Team's members really seem to be looking ahead the next Dakar... They are slowly getting relieved their extreme stress and responsibility. Also enough sleep has been a big help. "We really regret we had to withdraw from the race. We could see that huge amount of people, mainly at home, and we were not going to disappoint them. But I do believe they will understand and remain our fans. We want to evaluate all data, draw lessons, and get carefully ready for next year. I'm sure we'll be here next year fighting for notching up one of the top standings! It's first we've been here with our construct, and have been able to go as fast as those best; I dare say, if it had not been those troubles with the front axle, we would have been moving among the firsts until the race finish," showed his and all team's determination Robin DolejÜ, the technical director.

"As to ╚SMS (Czechoslovak Motorsport) and their potential co-operation with the team Buggyra in the context of the Dakar Rally, I can see it promising. Being in a role of a certain "observer", I've found a plenty of dedicated professionals keen on the thing, and it's been real worth today! The picked-up technical equipment is competition capable. I think, the mutual co-operation and the ╚SMS's potential participation in this project appears profitable for both parties," said Miroslav Forman in Calama.

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(from Chile Miroslav Forman).

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