Matėjovský Visiting Køenek Motorsport Team's Service Garage

- 7. 2. 2014, Prague, CZE -

In the announcement made about a week ago the team Køenek Motorsport said they would enter all series of the European Touring Car Cup championship - FIA ETCC 2014; Michal Matėjovský was the first to be announced as the team's racing driver. Also this season, Michal will go in the BMW 320si, so he took part in the car preparations last week.

"We are busy with extensive preparations for the races and the car tuning in the team Køenek Motorsport service garage. I also joined some of these activities at the end of the week, and apart from other things I pre-tested what it's like to sit in a new driving seat, Sparco, and what its new adjustment like. Honestly, it's a bit better than the previous one, and I'm really looking forward to the first live tests. However, we don't know where and when the tests will take place, it depends on many circumstances; we're most likely to go to the Slovakia Ring, but it depends on local and climate conditions," gave information Michal Matėjovský after visiting the service garage.

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