Hradec Králové Is to Host 7th Year of Rally Show and Autosalon Show

- 16. 5. 2014, Hradec Králové, CZE -

The city of Hradec Králove has undertaken organizing motor shows that Brno used to hold for years. It is for the seventh time that Hradec Králové has put on the Autosalon Show and Rally Show that are going to be the largest exhibition dedicated to the world's car manufacturers and motor sports legends' new models. Going to showcase a racing driver Michal Matějovský and his racing car BMW 320si is the company ČESKOSLOVENSKÝ MOTORSPORT that is also taking part in this famous event held on the autodrom CzechRing in Hradec Králové, at the airport on 7th - 8th June 2014. Michal in the Křenek Motorsport's livery is taking part in the FIA ETCC series, and is now getting the fourth place in the standings. Also the partner team, Svoboda Tatra Team's racing drivers are to participate in the event bringing their "Dakar" Tatra they have recently finished in the second place in MT Rally, Poland, in. Besides this technical equipment also the U.S. sports cars Mustang and Camaro will appear at the ČESKOSLOVENSKÝ MOTORSPORT's stand, and visitors will have opportunity to have a try at their driving skills on a professional motorsport simulator (

For years, much of this event's success has been undoubtedly lying in its state-of-the-art concept of the motor show in movement that is accompanied by a busy programme of Rally Show. Static motor shows lacking interesting programmes seem to have fairly great difficulties in attracting visitors, as people want to watch cars go, they want to be driven in them and also to drive them. This is what the Autosalon Show makes it possible, and what is more, it offers a programme that hardly any other compares, and a show of the best Czech and foreign teams ranging over a number of motorsport disciplines. What will be presented on the dual track of the Hradec Králové autodrom CzechRing besides rally, formulas, circuit specials and favourite drifts are plenty of newcomers. The Tatra that has taken part in the Dakar will be presented on a new off-road track along with racing, off-road specials and truck trials, so visitors will have opportunity to go on the track themselves or go in hovercraft. A stunt man, Pavel Vík, will give a performance of his show. All of these events will be interlarded by a contest MISS Autosport. The Czech Republic's first wrecking derby of cars will be part of the show too, which Olga Lounová, a singer and racing driver, will enter along with leading Czech drivers. Many Czech drivers will give their autographs. For a video invitation to the Rally Show and Autosalon Show held in Hradec Králové clic here: (

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