Československý Motorsport Showcase For Home Fans

- 31. 5. 2014, Hohenmölsen, Germany -

Michal Matějovský, Petr Fulín and Václav Svoboda, the racing drivers, were the protagonists of a joint show the company Československý Motorsport a.s., and two teams, Křenek Motorsport and Svoboda Tatra Team, had at the airport in Hradec Králové, where the 7th Year of a popular event Rally Show & Autosalon Show was held the last weekend, hot due to the scorching heat. The previous two days, the drivers had been showing the racing machines to motorsports fans and visitors to the Rally Show: off-road special Tatra Jamal and Michal Matějovský's racing BMW 320si, he is now taking the second place with in the European Touring Car Cup.

Whereas attracting the visitors' keen interest, the Svoboda Tatra Team's Tatra Jamal was fairly busy with a great deal of demonstration drives on the off-road track at the Hradec Králové's airport, the company Československý Motorsport a.s. had put on display their two top American sports cars: Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and Mustang Shelby of the current American car manufacture, which piloted by Michal Matějovský also performed a few test drives. The event at the Československý Motorsport a.s.'s stand was accompanied by the companies Aqua Pro Racing and the brewery Broumov's displays; the first of the two had prepared interesting drives on the Motorsport Simulator's professional motorsport simulator to get the visitors' adrenalin going (www.motorsportsimulator.com/). Another one delighted their visitors with gulps of refreshing Broumov beer, which in that baking heat was served at the right moment. It was also the team's major sponsor, company VEBA, textilní závody a.s. Bromouv's representative, General Manager Josef Novák and his wife who had come to visit the show and had a trial at the rides in the sports Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, Tatra Jamal and motorsport simulator.

"I believe the meeting at the airport in Hradec Králové was a success," was Michal Matějovský's comment on the Rally Show at the end of the show, then he went on saying: "It was a peaceful but a rather hot weekend, but we had opportunity to meet both the drivers and our leading partners to discuss the season. I'd like to thank the event organizers to let us present our racing machines. The racing car BMW 320si is now going back to the Křenek Motorsport team's service garage where the last adjustments will be made before another, fourth in row round of the FIA ETCC 2014, held in Belgian SPA-Francorchamps this day fortnight."

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