Matėjovský Re-Testing with Buggyra

- 25. 10. 2014, Most, CZE -

Having successfully finished the season of the FIA ETCC series, where he took second place in the class with his BMW 320si, the new vice-champion of Europe, Michal Matėjovský, and the Buggyra team gathered together at the end of the last week, now on the Autodrom in Most to test Buggyra trucks. Michal was there to perform his duties as a test and substitute driver, like he has been doing in the Buggyra team for several seasons. Although a few weeks have passed since the season finished, the Buggyra taking the second place in the Constructors' Trophy in this year's FIA European Truck Racing Championship is now going to carry out work on their circuit specials.

"Naturally, this testing was not about essential things; we wanted to refine the current specification of our racing vehicle. We tested new things on the chassis, as well as the engine. The sea change for next year is decrease in weight by 100kg, which is what we gladly accept," said David Vršecký after testing in Most. "I'm happy I could take part in testing, like I've done several times this year, and I really am looking forward to working with Buggyra next season," were Michal Matėjovský's words after testing.

There was an "Opening Day" and the Zeroth Year of the Autoshow Most on the Autodrom over the weekend, which saw a show of different sports cars, and what is more those interested were provided with opportunity to drive their cars on the racing track. What attracted interest was the Buggyra stable's racing vehicles, but also the Autodrom facilities, including the timing tower and the Autodrom operation management centre.

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