Buggyra Celebrating New Year's Eve on Plane While Flying Off to Dakar

- 1. 1. 2014, Prague, CZE -

After Christmas, the TATRA Buggyra Racing team had spent with their families, they started packing their luggage to leave for Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the 2015 Dakar Rally begins. Therefore, Martin Kolomý and the team celebrated the New Year's Eve above the Atlantic Ocean.

The start of the Dakar has been linked to the New Year's arrival for years, but Martin Kolomý always spends Christmas with his family: "No carp bone got stuck in the throat; we spent our Xmas Eve dinner without picking up injury," said happily Martin Kolomý after arrival at the Vaclav Havel Airport Prague. "Xmas time is just a bit next to peace for me. It's the time when vehicles are gone and we don't have to work on equipment, so I try to devote my time to our partners and all who supports us. We have more than just one, as our car shows, but an array, so it's a bit time consuming to give close attention to all of them before leaving, especially at pre-Xmas time. Honestly, I'm looking forward to America, but on the other hand if it had not been all those who give us their hands we would be spending New Year's Eve at home ... which wouldn't make me happy," depicts a "Fat Boy's" pilot smiling. "We're having New Year's party on plane, but it's definitely not gonna be a lavish one, as after we have arrived we'll be busy. Yet I think it'll be great fun. And those who want, might have more New Year's Eve parties thanks to the time zone difference."

Race and assistance technique and equipment left Europe as early as at late November to arrive at the Euroamerica Port three weeks later. "Although most of the team are flying to Buenos Aires on 31st December, some of them left on 28th December. They had to pick our vehicles in the port and get them to the bivouac, where administrative and technical formalities will be competed on 2nd January; ... next day the Dakar begins," describes logistics Jan Kalivoda, the TATRA Buggyra Racing team's manager. Besides Martin Kolomý, it is two practised and ambitious brothers, David and René Kiliáns, who will be behind a steering wheel, too. David is an expert navigator who uses knowledge he has gained in home competitions, René is responsible for Tatra 815 Buggyra, which both brothers know as well as mechanics. "It is just the boys' abilities to work also in the garage that class them as the top crew. The three are well coordinated and complement one another," said Robin Dolejš, the technical director of the TATRA Buggyra Racing team.

What is new in the 37th Year of Dakar Rally is the so-called Marathon, which is scheduled for 10th and 11th January; the participants will go on this stage without their mechanics and assistance vehicles. "We won't see what's gonna be like until we're there. But we know we have to pack more tools and sleeping bags for nights," said David Kilián having big expectations.

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