Kolomý on Stage Among Elites but Bound to Keep His Eyes Peeled

- 3. 1. 2015, Buenos Aires, Argentina -

The 37th Year of the Dakar Rally has been officially opened! All 414 crews including Martin Kolomý and the TATRA Buggyra Racing team's presented themselves in the streets of Buenos Aires on Saturday's evening, 3rd January 2015. A fortnight's marathon begins on Sunday, 4th January 2015, with initial 838 kilometres.

The course of Saturday in Argentina might be depicted by a saying: Lull before the storm. Drivers or riders are given a briefing by organisers before any race so are in the Dakar. However, sessions here are visibly more detailed. The director of the event, Etienne Lavigne, talked to 670 pilots and co-pilots of 414 crews. "It is the last calm day today. We attended the first briefing in the morning, it was a mass one; such an atmosphere always affects me: it's amazing how many people come here to ruin themselves of their own accord," Kolomý said having a big smile on his face. The briefing session was mostly on the race organisation and safety, but provided also information about marketing and sports, e.g., the last year's Dakar attracted four million onlookers, however, this number is expected to increase.

Surprisingly, also mechanics were enjoying the calm as the Fat Boy had been parked since technical scrutineering. "We had nothing to do today. If such peace reigns until the finish I won't be cross (laughing). We were mainly having a rest, debugging communication and logistics systems; well, let's hit the road tomorrow. We've geared up," Robin Dolejš, the Buggyra team's technical director, said in a cheerful mood.

Making use of this quiet day were Patricia Ana Cmol, the manger of CzechTourism foreign office in Argentina, the Ambassador Petr Kopřiva, and journalists promoting the Czech Republic in Argentina, as they visited the TATRA Buggyra Racing's base. "Their visit pleasantly livened up our gearing up. It's honour for us to represent our homeland here, in South America, especially when supported by the Embassy and the CzechTourism's representatives," was the Buggyra team's manager, Jan Kalivoda, comment on their official visit.

The ceremonial start of the race took place in the late afternoon. Cheered on by hundreds of thousands onlookers, Martin Kolomý and the brothers Kiliáns presented themselves in the centre of Buenos Aires among elites thanks to their race number 506 after bikers had begun a several hours' show, followed then by ten top crews in car and truck categories. The last vehicles crossed the ramp in the late evening. Argentinians showed they just loved motorsports. "It's fascinating, so many people along the road, cheering on! Well, we enjoyed it, indeed, now we must get a good sleep, and we'll go tomorrow before a lunchtime. I can hardly wait!" Kolomý said excited after the start.

Saturday was the last day for the TATRA Buggyra Racing team's members to put the final to the internal communications they will need in single stages, but also to the links to be connected with the Czech Republic. "We're also debugging systems so that everything would work also as to the media respect. We've been sending off a great deal of material so that everyone home, families, fans, media, would know the time of day. All our media team work perfectly," Jan Kalivoda said happily.

Stage 1 leading from Buenos Aires to Villa Carlos Paz takes crews directly to the centre of Argentina to the northwest of Cordoba. The route 838 km in length will offer a bit of everything: long straights, hairpin turns. "What awaits us tomorrow is the first stage, but according to the organiser it should be a smooth one. Although should cover a bit more than 800 km in total, the racing section alone is just 175 km. Nevertheless, Stacey is going prior to us, and Mardeev after us; so we'll definitely have to step on the gas at the very beginning. What's more, the stage is rather dusty, so we'll have to keep our eyes peeled," David Kilián said while perusing the itinerary.

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