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PF 2017

Silver Le Mans. Lacko and Buggyra European Vice Champions!

/9. 10. 2016, Le Mans, France/ Adam Lacko and the BUGGYA Racing Team won the final second rank in the European Truck Racing Championship. Jiří Forman finally ranks tenth as the best newcomer of the season.... read more

Lacko Up Podium Four Times! Chances for Champion Title still Alive

/2. 10. 2016, Jarama, Spain/ A podium rank in each of the four races, that is the result of Adam Lacko from the Spanish weekend in Jarama. On Saturday the Czech pilot added his thirteenth victory and one second rank. The same rank was repeated in the main race of Sunday completed with third rank in the last race..... read more

Re-Scheduled Final Round of Chinese Championship Just Around Corner

/27. 9. 2016, Hradec Králové, CZE/ Wearing the China Buggyra Racing team's livery, Michal Matějovský has already taken part in two rounds of the Chinese championship (China Truck Racing Championship 2016; Chengdu, 24 - 26 June 2016; Guangdong, 9 - 11 September 2016). The the final one has been re-scheduled to 11 - 13 November, that is a week later, and takes place on the shore of the East China Sea, Shanghai.... read more

Bulldog Lacko Wins on Sunday Too in Zolder

/18. 9. 2016, Zolder, Belgium/ In Zolder, Belgium, the venue of the seventh racing weekend of the European Race Truck Championship, Adam Lacko added two victories to his European Championship account. However, his loss after the leader of the overall ranking Jochen Hahn deepened due to the given up first Sunday race. Jiří Forman collected score points and experience.... read more

Vršecký Celebrates another Chinese Double Heading Towards Champion

/11. 9. 2016, Kuang-tung, China/ David Vršecký has turned two starts at the Kuang-Tung circuit into two triumphs. But due to the second and third rank of Adam Lacko the double European champion cannot celebrate his first Asian champion title prematurely.... read more

Lacko Wins a Tenth Race of this Season, Forman Leads a Race

/4. 9. 2016, Most, CZE/ European trucks arrived at the North Bohemian race circuit in Most, visited together by nearly a hundred thousand fans over the weekend. Adam Lacko donated them one victory on Saturday and two silver ranks on Sunday. Jiří Forman drove for his first triumph in his career, but a broken brake disc killed his hopes for the final victorious rank.... read more

Lacko Wants to Win in Most, Forman Wants to Tease European Elite

/2. 9. 2016, Most, CZE/ The European Race Truck Championship has moved from Hungary straight to most in North Bohemia for the sixth racing weekend at the very beginning of September. Before the domestic racing stage Adam Lacko holds the second overall rank.... read more

Lacko Wins Again at Hungaroring! Forman Ranking Fourth

/28. 8. 2016, Hungaroring, Hungary/ The balance of one victory per racing weekend has remained uninterrupted as far as Adam Lacko is concerned. Although the Hungarian bitumen made the Czech pilot work hard.... read more

Lacko Struggles with Dominance of Domestic Truckers at Nürburgring. Silver Rank Results on Saturday

/3. 7. 2016, Nürburgring, Germany/ The German Nürburgring enjoys a big truck holiday over the first school holiday weekend while the European Race Truck Championship continues with its fourth stage. Although Adam Lacko ranked second the domestic Jochen Hahn took over his interim leading rank away from him. The newcomer Jiří Forman learns another hard truck racing lesson in Germany.... read more

Lacko is Fit after China, Buggyra Hopes for German Triumph

/1. 7. 2016, Nürburgring, Germany/ The European Race Truck Championship continues over the first July weekend at the legendary Nürburgring. The biggest attraction of the weekend will be the duel between the interim championship leader Adam Lacko and his greatest rival in the struggle for the champion title, the German trucker Jochen Hahn. The German circuit has been a symbol of success for Buggyra and so the team believes in the best results of the fourth racing weekend... read more

This Year is To See Trucks Both in Europe and China

/19. 4. 2016, Prague, CZE/On Tuesday, 19 April 2016, the Interhotel Ambassador - Zlatá Husa in Wenceslas Square, Prague, was the venue of the Buggyra Racing team's press conference, where the plans for this year were communicated. In 2016, Jiří Forman and Michal Matějovský will be in the most successful Czech team Buggyra Racing's foursome with two other team's protagonists, Adam Lacko and David Vršecký. They are going to defend the titles in the forthcoming European and Chinese truck championships.... read more

Jiří Forman in Buggyra Team's New Squad for FIA ETRC 2016

/6. 4. 2016, Most, CZE/The Buggyra introduced in Most a new truck and a new duo of racing drivers: Adam Lacko and Jiří Forman.The riddle of the new truck identified as BUGGYRA Fat Fox and its piloting set to defend the European Champion title has been resolved! The opening testing at the Most circuit also included first introduction of the new successor of David Vršecký. Adam Lacko will be paired in the new season of FIA ETRC the twenty-two-year-old Jiří Forman..... read more

Michal Matějovský Taking Part in Meeting with President Zeman

/19. 4. 2016, Prague, CZE/Meeting with citizens, mayors or members of the regional authorities, the visit to the traditional foundry business "TSS" in Třebechovice nad Orebem, or the visit to Kostelec nad Orlicí, were among the items on agenda of the third presidential visit to the Hradec Králové Region, the President of the Czech Republic Miloš Zeman undertook on the turn of March. At the close of the first day of his visit, on Thursday, 31 March 2016, President Zeman met with personalities and businessmen.... read more

Michal Matějovský on Podium in Competition 2015 Best Sportsperson of Hradec Králové Region

/31. 3. 2016, Hradec Králové, CZE/The results of a popular survey called The Most Successful Sportsperson of the Hradec Králové Region for the year 2015 were officially announced in The Congress Centre Aldis on Thursday, 31 March 2016. The event has been organized by the Hradec Králové Regional Organisation Czech Sports Union together with the Hradec Králové Region, the Sport Action agency, and The Deník newspaper under the patronage of Governor Lubomír Franc,.... read more


/20. 3. 2016, Most, CZE/Michal Matějovský has taken up an offer from Josef Křenek so is going to bring experience to young motorsports hopes during the oncoming competition Junior Star final in Most (www.juniorstar.cz). Michal himself began his racing career at the age of eight when as a young racing driver first experienced racing circuits in Vysoké Mýto, a town lying close to Hradec Králové. His first coach was his father, Stanislav Matějovský, ..... read more

Michal Matějovský Mentoring Junior Star Competition in Most

/5. 3. 2016, Hradec Králové, CZE/Michal Matějovský has taken up an offer from Josef Křenek so is going to bring experience to young motorsports hopes during the oncoming competition Junior Star final in Most (www.juniorstar.cz). Michal himself began his racing career at the age of eight when as a young racing driver first experienced racing circuits in Vysoké Mýto, a town lying close to Hradec Králové. ..... read more

Kart Racing Team DOSS KART from Týniště nad Orlicí Entering Another Season

/1. 3. 2016, Týniste nad Orlici, CZE/Earlier this week, Michal Matějovský visited a successful kart racing team called DOSS KART from the town of Týniště nad Orlicí, whose manager is his racing mate, a kart racing driver Jan Dostál Jnr. In the past, the team coached many of the present-day famous automobile racing drivers, including Michal Matějovský, or Michal Vorba, Štefan Rosina, Michal Fousek, and cooperated with a great deal of other kart racing drivers, such as Jan Kopecký, Jan Šlehofer, Libor Toman, and many more..... read more

Readers of Deník Make Matějovský Star

/22. 2. 2016, Prague, CZE/A gala-evening, where the results of a survey called "The 2015 Greatest Sportsperson of the City of Hradec Králové" were announced, was now held in the Hradec Králové Philharmonic's Hall on Monday, 22 February 2016, from 6 p.m. onwards. Michal Matějovský was announced the winner of the readers of the Královéhradecký deník's voting so made "The Readers of the Deník's Star", the competition that is organized within the survey "The 2015 Greatest Sportsperson of the City of Hradec Králové". Presented during that evening was also a range of other awards, such as the award for the ten top individuals, three groups, handicapped sportspeople, and many more. One celebrity was inducted in the Hall of Fame.... read more

Exhibition FAST WHEELS in the Czech Republic's Senate of Parliament

/26. 1. 2016, Prague, CZE/An exhibition dedicated to photographers documenting motorsports and car racing events was formally opened in the rooms of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic on Tuesday, 26 January 2016. The exhibition has been already displayed in the CzechTourism agency's exhibition area in Prague-Vinohrady, or in the Faculty Hospital in Hradec Králové. It was also staged at the motorsport show of the same name, FAST WHEELS, held in the town of Lysá nad Labem the previous year in November.... read more

Valtr One Step from Life Success, Kolomý Maybe Second

/15. 1. 2016, San Juan, Argentina/Jaroslav Valtr is a step from his life success at Dakar Rally. Currently ranking eighth in the overall results he continues to have a say in the final ranking. As he only loses 10 minutes after the seventh ranking pilot with a 9 minute advantage before the ninth ranking Versluis, the last stage can still change everything... read more

Kolomý Repairs Intercom, Valtr Relishes

/14. 1. 2016, San Juan, Argentina/ Stage eleven of this year´s race took the pilots out of the sand dunes where this rally´s overall results were probably finally decided. But the Thursday stage was no easier on the varying and fesh-fesh surface... read more

Valtr Lays Phoenix, Rescuer Kolomý Ranks Fourth

/13. 1. 2016, La Rioja, Argentina/ The tenth stage was one of the most demanding of the whole race this year. Surprisingly the stage winner was a Renault driven by Pascal De Baar, not any hot leader of the race. It was because most of the leading crews strayed, including the first ranking pilot of the truck category De Rooy. The organizers prepared a navigation riddle for the day and that together with the high temperatures dealt the cards of the overall ranking considerably. Two Kamazs were caught in the dune field long after the end of the defined limit of the stage... read more

Valtr in Position of Best Czech, Kolomý Begins Preparation for Dakar 2017

/13. 1. 2016, Belén, Argentina/ Jaroslav Valtr has achieved his best stage ranking so far with his Tatra Phoenix with assistance of his crew consisting of Josef Kalina and Jiří Stross. The crew was classified as fourth in the finish, but after changed time of the Dutch pilot Versluis Valtr was overtaken by him and ended with fifth stage rank. Jarda´s loss after the quickest pilot De Rooy is mere thirteen and a half minutes which shows that both the pilot and the truck do belong to the top of the truck category... read more

Valtr Overtakes Gordon abd Ranks Fifth, Kolomý Finishes Stage after Nightfall

/11. 1. 2016, Belén, Argentina/ Jaroslav Valtr has achieved his best stage ranking so far with his Tatra Phoenix with assistance of his crew consisting of Josef Kalina and Jiří Stross. The crew was classified as fourth in the finish, but after changed time of the Dutch pilot Versluis Valtr was overtaken by him and ended with fifth stage rank. Jarda´s loss after the quickest pilot De Rooy is mere thirteen and a half minutes which shows that both the pilot and the truck do belong to the top of the truck category... read more

Raising Money for Children's Clinic at Auction

/11. 1. 2016, Hradec Králové/ The District Football Association Hradec Králové had staged the sixth year of a charity event called "The District Football Association's Day of Partners" taking place in a modern sports hall in a small town of Předměřice nad Labem lying close to Hradec Králové on 9 January 2016. Ten local football teams entered this regional tournament accompanied by auction; sports items and curiosities there, such as team jerseys signed with football or hockey players' autographs had been put up for sale by many sportspeople. The item that was among auctioned ones was the team costume collection worn during last year's motorsport season Michal Matějovský had notched up great success in. "I'm glad I could give a few things from our team gear worn in 2015 to help such a perfect thing - the auction raising money for the Haematology Ward of the Children's Clinic in the Faculty Hospital in Hradec Králové. Gloves, a team cap and a team costume had been auctioned for around CZK 10,000 and contributed to the raised amount of nearly CZK 150,000", said Michal Matějovský after the auction... read more

TATRA BUGGYRA RACING Team Ready after Rest Day!

/10. 1. 2016, Salta, Argentina/ The famous competition called Dakar Rally has progressed to its second half after the rest day on Sunday. While the pilots could gain strength and take a little rest after the demanding full days of driving the mechanics had to use the rest day for intense work on the racing technology. Not only the TATRA BUGGYRA RACING team but also the other participating teams had the beginning of the rest day complicated. Floods arrested the accompanying vehicles in Salta 300 kilometres from the Sunday bivouac.... read more

Kolomý Crashes at Dakar, Valtr Improves his Maximum

/9. 1. 2016, Salta, Argentina/ Yesterday´s stage returned the participants in Dakar Rally from Bolivia back to Argentina. At its very beginning Martin Kolomý reached the slower Kamaz starting before him. The Kamaz threw a stone by its wheel, which blocked steering of Fat Boy. What followed was a big crash into a rock which damaged the cooler and tore off the cab. "It was a horrible blow. David still had a headache from the previous one and now all of us suffered another. We lost over an hour and a half before we repaired everything but luckily all of us are all right.... read more

Kolomý Jumps as at Dakar 2011, Valtr does not Enjoy Stage 6

/8. 1. 2016, Uyuni, Bolivie/ In the sixth stage both crews of the TATRA BUGGYRA RACING team in the truck category again ended in the first ten. Martin Kolomý ranked seventh, thus supporting his overall sixth rank with the loss of less than thirteen minutes after the first ranking Stacey. Jarda Valtr after a decent performance like on Thursday ranked tenth. The Czech pilot with eighteenth overall ranking driving Tatra Phoenix racing special did not enjoy .... read more

Kolomý Ranks Second in Snow, Valtr Moves Up to Tenth Rank

/7. 1. 2016, Uyuni, Bolivie/ This year the weather has been playing with the participants in the Dakar Rally. After the sunlit start of the second part of the marathon stage the crews reported rain, hailstorm and snow from the route. A sandstorm even swept the Uyuni bivouac. Members of the TATRA BUGGYRA RACING team even had to put on their winter outfits when the temperature dropped near the zero. Yesterday´s fifth stage moved the whole convoy from Argentina to Bolivia. The incredible atmosphere of this hospitable country was already experienced by the motorcyclists last year.. read more

Kolomý Flies at Full Steam, Valtr Makes Up for Initial Loss

/6. 1. 2016, Jujuy, Argentina/ The fourth stage took the crews for the first time above 4,000 above sea level. This by itself brings problems to human organism as well as to the technology. Even the Tatra of Martin Kolomý could not avoid them. “The ideal configuration setting for altitudes around 4 thousand metres above sea level is always alchemy. Technologies suffer greatly... read more

Kolomý Wins 3rd Stage of Dakar Rally!

/5. 1. 2016, Termas de Río Hondo - Jujuy, Argentina/ Third stage of Dakar Rally 2016 will be writ large in the statistics of not only Martin Kolomý and Kilian brothers but also the TATRA BUGGYRA RACING team, the winner of the Constructors´ Cup in the European Race Truck Championship of the past season. “Fantastic result this is! Martin has achieved his first stage victory and we all compliment him on this.... read more

Dakar Starts at Last. Kolomý Begins with Fourth Rank

/4. 1. 2016, TERMAS DE RÍO HONDO, Argentina/ The second stage was originally scheduled as one of the longest but because of the rainstorm the timed section for cars and trucks was eventually shortened to 387 kilometres. Unlike the first racing day when a heavy downpour swept the whole of Argentina Monday even saw some sunshine falling on the participants in the thirty eighth edition of Dakar Rally... read more

First Race Cancelled, Kolomý and Valtr A Little Nervous

/3. 1. 2016, Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina/ Heavy rain in Argentina was forecasted and the Czech TATRA BUGGYRA RACING team were aware of that. However, the rainstorm literally flooded the track and the organizers could not but decide first about postponed start and then about complete cancellation of the first regular stage for the reason of extreme weather conditions preventing the rescue helicopters assuring safety of the racing crews from taking off... read more

Kolomý Reminds of 30th Anniversary of Tatra, Prologue Cancelled for Accident

/2. 1. 2016, Buenos Aires, Argentina/ Like every race the Dakar Rally must also start with Drivers´ Briefing. For this purpose the auditorium of the Dakar village in Tecnopolis welcomed 347 crews, or 560 pilots and co-pilots. The Briefing was presided by the manager of the competition Etienne Lavigne, whose speech was followed by a stormy applause of the audience. Unique features of this year include the record number of newcomers, who are 70. Also the name of the youngest pilot has ... read more

Ambassadors Bless Buggyras. Dakar Can Start!

/1. 1. 2016, Buenos Aires, Argentina/ Ambassadors Bless Buggyras. Dakar Can Start!New broom sweeps well On New Year´s Eve the second half of the team together with the crews of Martin Kolomý and Jaroslav Valtr arrived at the venue of the race. From early morning of the New Year´s Day preparation for administrative and technical takeovers was commenced. “A substantial part of the formalities already took place before embarking in the harbour of Le Havre, but despite that the preparations continued for the whole day and night yesterday. We only noticed the beginning of the New Year thanks to... read more

Reception at Hradec Králové City Mayor

/1. 1. 2016, Hradec Králové, CZE/ At the close of the last year, on Tuesday 29th December 2015, a racing driver Michal Matějovský from the city of Hradec Králové was the guest at Hradec Králové City Mayor, M.D. Zdeněk Fink. During a chat to the City Mayor, Michal Matějovský talked about the season in the FIA ETCC 2015 he had won a Champion of Europe title in, than he gave him little souvenirs, including the 2016 calendar... read more

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