Kart driver Ji Forman in year 2012

Kart driver Ji Forman in year 2012
- 06. 01. 2012, Prague -

In the autumn 2011 the 18-year-old driver Ji Forman won his third title of the champion of the Czech Republic in kart racing, when he won the Rotax Max Senior category and he crowned the successful season with great results in competitions abroad - he was 5th in the world championship of pilots under 18 years (CIK-FIA U-18, Sarno - Italy, 6. 11. 2011) and he won the 7th position in the world finals of Grand Finals Rotax Max (Al Ain, The Emirates, 26. 11. 2011). This year Forman will continue in his traditional MS Kart team. After several years he will appear again on the circuits in karts as a pilot with an English licence. He will take several races of the English championship Super 1 in the category Rotax Senior Max. Also, he will continue in the series Rotax Euro Challenge. The races of this series start in Genk, Belgium (28. 3.), continue in Wackersdorf, Germany (13. 5.), Kristlandstad, Denmakr (29. 6.) and culminate in Salbris, France (16. 9.). But before all that, there is the Rotax Winter Cup as early as the next month (12. 2.) in Campillos, Spain, which will be the start of the next season for Ji Forman. The ambition of the team and the pilot for the upcoming year is to rank within the first five positions in England and in the Rotax Euro Challenge 2012 races.

Ji Forman will probably not be present in the Czech championship. "This depends from the decision, if there are permitted starts of drivers with other than Czech licenses. But even if it is allowed, I might get into the Czech championship only as a preparation for the foreign races and due to the colliding dates I could probably not take all the races, anyway," adds Ji Forman about this year's racing schedule.



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