ČESKOSLOVENSKÝ MOTORSPORT a.s., Hradec Králové: Activities in 2012

The company ČESKOSLOVENSKÝ MOTORSPORT, a.s. Hradec Králové will continue its racing circuit activities in 2012, concentrating not only on domestic events, but also, in particular, on European contests. The company's major objective is to reach top placings, in both the Czech Republic and abroad. Particular attention will be paid to young yet experienced drivers, Michal Matějovský , a twenty-four-year old racing circuit driver, and karting driver Jiří Forman, who is sixteen, which also allows him to expand his activities in touring car racing circuit events this year.

Michal Matějovský, for the third year in a row, is to take part in the SEAT León Eurocup series under the colours of the Spanish-Czech SUNRED-BRT team. The series consists of six weekend events, which take place in six different countries: Italy, Belgium, UK, Czech Republic, Germany, and Spain. All of these racing events will be broadcast live on Eurosport TV, within the FIA World Touring Car Championship (FIA WTCC) weekend actions. Michal is to contest all of the six SEAT Leon Eurocup events, and his goal is to win at least one of them and take a top place of the final standings of this prestigious European championship series.

Also, Michal Matějovský is to join Vlado Hybáček to contest the races of Division 4 of the 2010 International Racing Circuit Championship of the Czech Republic at the wheel of a SEAT TDI race car of the SEAT Sport SlovakiaSlovakia team. They will aim at a top-three placing of the D4 category this year.

The ČSMS company's Jiří Forman is also an official driver of the MS KART team. He, too, has revealed his bold plans for the year 2010, in particular, for kart races. Being able to benefit from the wealth of experience that he gained in the previous season, Jiří Forman will aim at a podium position in each of the racing events of the 2010 ROTAX Euro Challenge series and at a top-ten position of the overall standings of this series. Jiří Forman's results from the final stage of the 2009 season and from the first official practice event in 2010, the 2010 Winter Cup ROTAX contest in February, at Malaga, Spain, where he easily qualified for the finals, prove that he is well capable of reaching his goal.

Besides the above-mentioned Senior Max category of the ROTAX Euro Challenge, Jiří Forman, with an MS KART machine, will also contest the same category of the Championship of the Czech Republic, his objective being, naturally, to defend his title of the Champion of the Czech Republic. This task is not an easy one, but Jiří Forman can rely on the top-quality machine and support of the company MS KART in 2010. The Karting Championship of the Czech Republic begins in April, on the track at Písek.

As Jiří Forman has reached the age of 18 years, he is allowed to take part in the races of the racing circuit touring car category without any limitation. So, his activities in 2010 will, without any doubt, include several races of this type, whether within the 2010 International Racing Circuit Championship of the Czech Republic or within certain European Championship series, to allow the young racing driver of the ČSMS team to acquaint himself.



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