Rotax Winter Cup 2012 launched in Campillios, Spain

Rotax Winter Cup 2012 launched in Campillios, Spain
- 9. 2. 2012, Campillios -

The first and second day of the kart race was dominated by the last moment tuning of the machinery for the next day's qualifications. All the three Czech pilots and their mechanics were busy. Thursday morning was tough for all of them, the temperature during the first free training was only minus 4C. Thankfully, during the day the weather improved and after lunch there were acceptable 12C and no wind.

On Wednesday Ji Forman was sick, so this morning he rather stayed in his hotel in bed. Wednesday evening he was running temperature and it did not look very optimistic. But after treatment with hot tea and temperature lowering pills, the next morning he woke weak, but with no temperature and feeling quite well. After lunch he started free training and he did pretty well. He had better time than his last year's measured training and he kept among the five fastest pilots. Petr Bel was getting faster and he managed to keep pace with the best ones too. We can assume, that his times pushed him somewhere on the level of the first ten drivers. "Tuning the chassis took us longer here than in other races, but I think that we can compete with even the fastest ones now. It was very important for us that we did testing already before the races, at the weekend. "Petr Bel sounded satisfied with the testing and free training results. Mirek Kov was sort of uncertain today, but as soon as he calmed down, the machinery betrayed him. After an engine overhaul and several other repairs he managed to achieve his standard times and we can still say, that that tomorrow he can surprise us.

On Friday 10 February in the morning the drivers will take free, but already measured trainings, which will show their realistic chances to qualify. It will take place after lunch so we should keep our fingers crossed for our pilots! Good luck.



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