Rotax Winter Cup 2012 Final

- 12. 2. 2012, Campillios -

The final day started with warm ups, surprisingly, we can call them a "true race" since the pilots were making signals indicating their semi-final positions. As we have already accustomed to, the English came in the first five top positions followed by other favourites; to our great delight, a Czech representant, Jiří Forman scored an eighth-place finish.

The semi-final sessions were thrilling in all categories and afforded a view of abundance of fights and crashes. Sad to say, the Czech driver Jiří Forman met with an accident too, since he bent axle in mass collision after the start so the race was over for him as early as in the first lap. Nevertheless, another Czech pilot, Petr Běžel, who delivered brilliant performance, ended up on the nice 14th place, which brought him realistic hope to a good result in the afternoon final. It seems that another Czech representant, Míra Kovář, produced his best performance here in Campillos and was classified as the 24th in the finish.

The day's climax came in the final session in the Rotax Senior Max category as it was really a driving concert. It is important to note that a Czech pilot, Jiří Forman, contributed his part too despite the fact he had started from the last starting position owing to failed semi-final. He was able to overtake 19 rivals by his pursuit drive and finished on the 14th place, what is more with one of the best lap time. Literally, his uncompromising drive did not finish until the checkerboard flag wave. Other two Czech pilots Petr Běžel and Míra Kovář drove their standard and ended up on the 19th, resp. 29th place. It was the English who fought for the championship, finally, Harrison Scott was the happiest one in the finish. For results and more information on the race see .

"Leaving for the Winter Cup we were longing for being placed among the first ten and to not having the second driver over the 20th place. The pity of that Jiří Forman's loss in yesterday's third heat, as we could see today his place is just among the first five. We will have to pay attention to mental training, which is, what I see, the ground. The speed and Jirka's driving skills are at the world level, our equipment is able to compete, the problem results from concentration. Petr Běžel drove his standard after a year break, and I suppose he will move forward during the season. Primarily, he came to Campillos to learn, which he, I hope, will turn to his advantage in next international competitions." aptly summarized the Czech drivers' result boss MS Kart Milan Šimák.



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