Rotax Winter Cup finally Hold

- 12. 2. 2012, Campillios -

The Rotax Winter Cup finally hold. In the most watched category Senior Max, entered also by three Czech pilots on MS Kart, 35 drivers from 13 Europe's countries and overseas lined up at the start line in each qualifying heat race. Besides the category Senior Max, drivers also competed in categories Junior and DD2, however the Czech Republic was not represented.

The first heat in the category Senior Max brought Ji Forman bad luck as he suffered accident as early as at the first turn after the start, finishing on gravel and coming last with a huge loss after being back on the track. During the pursuit race he caught up with some slower drivers, however he got no better place than 29th. Ji drove pretty well and fast in the second heat, his lap time was better than the two drivers' coming first. Unfortunately, having some difficulties, Ji lost in today's qualifying heat race ended up only the 16th. Tomorrow, he will line up on the 8th row of the grid in the semi-finale race, together with a hot favourite Edward Brand who finished yesterday's qualification on the 2nd place, and did not do well today.Vice versa, Petr Bel started the first heat well and has been the 15th to drive through the finish, but had some technical problems in the second heat, therefore he finished the third race on the 19th place, and will start on the 10th row of the grid in the semi-finale tomorrow. Miroslav Kov was no success but paid the entrant's penalty for his first big international race. He was driving at the third ten's end and we can see him tomorrow line up on the 17th row of the grid.

The qualifying heat races were masterfully dominated by an English driver, Harrison Scott, who won three times, followed by compatriots Eastwood, Babington and King. Thus the English will occupy the front row of the grid at the start line in tomorrow's semi-finale.



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