Matėjovský Fine-Tunes SEAT on Slovakia Ring

- 27. 4. 2012, Slovakiaring -

All has already been prepared to launch the FIA ETCC round in Slovakia. A Czech racing driver in the SEAT Sport Slovakia team's colours will compete at the weekend. It is beautiful sunny weather there, and the weather forecast for both days is favourable. The SEAT Sport Slovakia team may feel content. The Spanish SUNDRED team has prepared and brought for Michal the SEAT Leon Tdi car of excellent quality; today, the team is peacefully working to adjust the machine for tomorrow's qualification and Sunday's races.

"We are fine-tuning the machine. Tomorrow, we are opening the race programme as early as at 8.30 a.m. by free test drives, then once more at 11 to optimise the adjustment. Qualification races start at 3 p.m. It is my first racing weekend and I am looking forward to fighting in the numerous field of rivals," said on the Friday morning Michal Matėjovský.



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