Matějovský Is To Watch Race Sitting At School Desk

- 17. 5. 2012, Hradec Králové -

Michal Matějovský was the first Czech in history to win the ETCC race, but after that excellent result he will watch another round on the Salzburgring Circuit at his school desk. "After that achievement in Slovakia many different combinations how to harmonise the race with school crossed our minds, finally we let it as notified before entering round 2 of this year's FIA ETCC series. It is just a test season for us and school is a priority. Moreover we have informed the Spanish SUNDRED team that I am not able to enter race 2, therefore the car has been hired. It is not worth an interim solution. I will try to go on "Live Timing" at a break to watch my fellows," said before the Salzburgring races Michal Matějovský.



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