Project Formula 1 in Schools Is Slowly To Reach Finale

- 27. 5. 2012, Hradec Králové -

Given on Sunday, 27th May 2012, the presentation of interim results of the CFR Team (Czech Formula Racing Team,, a success in that competition now preparing themselves for the national finals hold on 9th June 2012, was one out of promotional events aiming to increase awareness about the project "Formula 1 in Schools" among the Hradec Králové's public.

The team staged this promo-event, attended by all CFR Team's members, in the commercial arcade in the shopping centre FUTURUM, Hradec Králové. It was also a patron of the team, motor racing driver, Michal Matějovský, who came to lend his name to part of the programme. The national finals of the Formula 1 in Schools competition are in Techmania (, Plzeň (Pilsen) on the Saturday, 9th June, "A stall we are going to put up in Plzeň will be much alike, and we suppose that the competition will be launched by oral presentation, next technical takeover of a Formula 1 model and the race itself will follow, finally the team presentation and machines in box is to be made, all in English," explained the team manager, Lukáš Maryška, to the shopping centre visitors. Also the team's patron, Michal Matějovský, will take part in the Plzeň final.



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