Matějovský Joins in Final of Formula 1 Challenge in Schools

- 9. 6. 2012, Plzeň -

As a patron of the Hradec Králové's secondary school student CFR Team competing in a popular contest FORMULA 1 IN SCHOOLS, Michal Matějovský took part in the national final on Saturday 9th June 2012 in Plzeň.

"I really wished students from Hradec Králové they would finish in the top places, and they did. The best nine teams from all country competed in the national final, and after the thrilling and equal contest, the CFR Team finished eventually in the very nice 3rd place. Despite they cannot enter the world final in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, it provided great experience to all." Nevertheless, the worldwide educational challenge Formula 1 in Schools has the winner within the Czech Republic that will be represented in Abu Dhabi by the team Blood Elites from Kolín. For more information and photos see and



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