Great Comeback

- 4. 7. 2012, Most, Czech Republic -

What a wonderful visual spectacle could visitors to the circuit in Most enjoy during the day. A Buggyra was circling on the circuit, however it was not David Vršecký who was sitting in the cab but another driver carrying a famous name, Michal Matějovský. Thus it came true what had been just talked about. The Czech truck racing champion of Europe, Stanislav Matějovský's son is to present himself in September driving a truck Buggyra in the EP round in Most. "I was racing together with Stanislav in the 2002 season, and I do like that Michal has picked Buggyra," commented on Michal's participation David Vršecký. "As far as I know, Michal has entered many rounds in different competitions so far, and he has been the first Czech to win the prestigious round of the FIA ETCC on the Slovakia Ring. And I do not think he will be a loser among truckers."

It should be noted that Michal Matějovký, who also competed in long-distance events in the past, captured the historic victory for the Czech colours somehow beyond a plan. Michal's participation in racing this year was actually limited by the university studies, thus he began to prefer racing after he had passed the bachelor exams. "Naturally, after he won one of the most prestigious series on the Continent, we started thinking about future. Not surprisingly, it was school that was preferred, therefore we had no chance to attack podium finishes," explains Michal and his father adds: "We eventually decided in favour of sprint races in MMČR with a machine AUDI A4 DTM in the BRT team and to use the available financial resources initially allocated for the FIA ETCC for another motorsports discipline. It is about experience, but following in the team history, it is truck racing that should logically be Michal's peak of career."

Next, it is important to note that in the view of this fact the famous father acts as a strong stimulus. So Michal is going to enter the competition in Most playing a trick on him: If he comes eighth - at worst - in qualification, his father will be wearing special clothes designed for Africa during all racing weekend in Most."Michal once drove a Tatra, he shortly tested Renault last autumn, and now it is the Buggyra. We have been widely consulting all together since he tested the truck, but now he is going to drive the truck by himself. That's what we do. Michal races and I manage all service and media," explains the team's boss. His son, however, would like to "send" his father to Africa, for the weekend, at least. "Naturally, I would be happy to win in Most. Nevertheless, I am realistic and just hope I will gain some points, that means to place better than tenth. On the other hand, there are just two positions that are between the eight and tenth places. My father has a sense of fun and never spoils a joke, so all team will do our best to make him wear African clothes," said Michal laughing.



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