Matìjovskı Looks Forward to the FIA ETRC in Most

- 19. 7. 2012, Most, Czech Republic -

Michal Matìjovskı is looking forward to Most where he going to drive a Buggyra at the beginning of September. In Most, on Thursday this week, he has definitely finished "courting" the team Buggyra by the visit to the team Buggyra on the Nürburgring, and by the second testing day in the Buggyra's cab. Then gave a short interview for the server at the end of testing:

How did you enjoy the race on the Nürburgring?

I have known the circuit since the times my father was racing in Germany. The Nürburgring is just special. I am happy I could spend the racing weekend there with the team Buggyra just shortly after the testing in Most. It is a follow-up to our intention to start with this machine in the forthcoming race Czech Truck Prix 2012. It will be my debut start in the truck racing, and to familiarse myself with the team is definitely worth.

If you were to pick out the most enjoyable experience you underwent on the Nürburgring 2012?

It is definitely the possibility to see the work coordination among the team, David Vršeckı and team engineers' teamwork resulting in an extraordinarily successful Sunday. It is the same like in other top teams I started in the past. Just the technical equipment differs. I will have to get used to it.

What did you find the most surprising about Buggyra?

I comparison with "tin" cars, the behaviour of the machine. I must learn a lot. Nevertheless, the results of testing seem to indicate that I am not hopeless; I have been slowly catching up more experienced drivers with my times. What is the biggest problem for me at the moment are extremely sensitive brakes. Because of the weight of truck I have to manage a completely new style of driving and braking, which is associated with the perfect debugging the brake system.

According to David, Most is fairly specific circuit. What is to begin after the return from Russia is adjusting Buggyra to the circuit. Do you have an idea about your machine tuning?

I have undergone just two first testing ... I do have a certain idea about the racing special run, but I lack enough experience. We will rely on consultations with David and the team engineers in the stage of tuning. I have already mentioned the close attention will be devoted to brakes.

Has your father already got African suit, he will be wearing after your successful performance - let's hope - in the pits?

Not yet. It is now being made to his measurements. To be delivered by the mid-August. We surely make it.



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