Gold and Silver from Most's Sunday

-5. 8. 2012, Most -

The second Most's sprint was a success for the Bohemia Racing Team, Tomáš Kostka and Michal Matějovský got the first and the second podium finishes; what is more, Kostka started from the last position on the grid since he drove a different car due to the Friday's collision. Michal Matějovký bettered his Most maximum by one second.

After that dramatic Friday, mechanics prepared another machine for Kostka. Despite it was an earlier evolution than the destroyed one, its aerodynamic properties proved better later on. Michal Matějovský got into a lead after the start while Kostka headed for pits immediately after the green lights to serve his first drive-through penalty. Then he started a hot pursuit drive managing to make his way through the rivals within three laps, and to get to the second position after Michal, who then served twice his drive-through penalties. Tomáš, being in a comfortable lead, drove through the pit communication too. It became clear that the two red and silver machines were driving for podium finishes without having anything in way. "I enjoyed it immensely, and had a perfect ride. At the end it started drizzling therefore I used windscreen wipers but only blurred dirt, so I could hardly see. But I am happy with the car. We have got a bit directed towards searching for correct set-up of the front axle aerodynamics. I am going to keep on maximum points in the next two championship events,"said Petr Kostka after the race.

"I am surely satisfied. There is definitely a lot to improve. I was driving this car after a longish break, but the process of growing close is quick. I have bettered my Most's time by one second, that's enough. Anyway, we are at the stage when we can gradually tune the chassis set-up to move towards faster times," said Michal Matějovský. "The weekend in its whole was definitely positive, despite the Friday could not make us happy. Two gold, one bronze and one silver notches in two races are definitely a great result. Today proved that we have picked a good strategy for the mandatory drive-through penalties,"summed up the BRT manager, Petr Najman.

The machine broken in the accident on Friday is now going to be thoroughly checked in the team assembling shop. All stable is going to the Slovakiaring in two weeks, in September to the Final Event of the Championship on the Masaryk Racing Circuit by Brno. The BRT are going to achieve the maximum.



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