Michal Matėjovský Guest at 20th Anniversary Year of TESCOMA Establishment

- 25. 8. 2012, Sloakia Ring -

On 25th August 2012, TESCOMA hosted the party for the 20th-year successful business activity in their company residence in Prague. Among many guests it was also an automobile racing driver Michal Matėjovský who has been invited to the festive gathering. What dominated the entertaining afternoon was a culinary master, Ivan Vodochodský's chef show successfully seconded by Michal Matėjovský.

"I did enjoy the afternoon with TESCOMA. I have always been interested in lovely and healthy meals, and the products that TESCOMA makes and sells are top in the field, so I am happy to be here. Nevertheless, I am now concentrating on the forthcoming round of the FIA European Truck Racing Cup," said smiling Michal Matėjovský who is going to the Most Autodrom in the middle of the week.



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