Vršecký's Double Win

- 2. 8. 2012, Most, CZE -

Nearly everything can happen in truck racing. To give an example, two wins in one single race like David Vršecký notched today in front of the home audience, since after the re-start he managed to maintain his lead. Matějovský fiercely fighting with Frankie Vojtíšek a few laps finally finished on the nice thirteen place.

David began his journey to defend his last year's triumph with a good start, finding himself on the third place behind Körber and Lachez. He got in front of the French driver in the third lap, Körber became a victim of his infinitely precise drive in another lap. "I told myself, that hopefully no oil would be on the track. I greatly desired to win," depicted David the start. Soon all turned up different. Quiret finishes with burning machine, red flags indicate discontinuance. "I was in a furry. Oil on Saturday, a slowcoach on Saturday," expressed his feeling David. Fortunately, jury soon decided the race would be re-started, and times in the three laps including margins will be included and counted up to final times. "That was a weight off my mind. I was covering second place next to Gerd, but in the middle of the first lap I overtook him. I did believe at that moment I had every chance of win," said David when after the finish. During other laps he got three-second lead, which he was able to maintain, closely followed by Östreich and Körber, and could bubbled over enthusiasm in the finish. "What an incredible story, I do not remember such a thing. I feel enthusiastic, and I thank all for their support. I am content with the course of the weekend, the third place has come near."

Another Buggyra driver, Michal Matějovský, came thirteenth. "In spite of having a good start again, even after the re-start, I had to carry on fighting a lot against badgering Vojtíšek in the MAN, who was trying to overtake me all second part of race. Finally, I managed to defend the position, despite the fact that tyres began breaking down," said Michal Matějovský in the finish of the second Sunday's race.



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