Gold Sprint Final for BRT and Michal Matějovský

- 23. 9. 2012, Brno, CZE -

Neither Michal Matějovský nor all Bohemia Racing Team could have wished better finish of their joint project with the DTM racing car. Winning the qualification on Friday, the pilot also came first in Saturday's and Sunday's sprints within the Autumn Prix of the Masaryk Ring. Next years, he is going to carry on his racing career with this excellent training.

Michal clocked the fasted time: one minute and 55.671 seconds, which means the average speed over 168km per hour! Moreover, he pushed forward his maximum from Brno, which logically meant the pole position on the starting grid. The half-hour sprint started on the wet on Saturday morning, and despite it was not raining the team did not consider wearing slicks. "The truth is that the line was rut in the last three laps, and smooth tyres could have been used. I often had to drive off the dry line while overtaking, and it would have posed unnecessary risk," commented on the first winning sprint Michal. The maximum speed on the wet track was far lower, and the racing driver from Hradec Králové drove the best lap clocking the time almost two minutes and ten seconds. Having gone twice through a pit lane he managed to win. What he regards as the most important is the fact that the race was without incidents and collisions.

The Sunday's race was on the dry, and Michal could make up for the caution on Saturday by the true beautiful ride hugely enjoying the power of the machine, its top aerodynamic potential, and powerful effect of the ceramic brakes. "Serving the two drive-through penalties went exactly as planned, but I was keeping the comfortable lead, so we re-served the slowdown a few times. It might have been a sort of a farewell show for spectators. Anyway, I could enjoy the overtaking and excellent behaviour of the car while driving on the edge more immensely," depicted the racing driver.

So the two-year project of gaining familiarity with the DTM technology finished well for Michal. "I must say once more that I do appreciate the team for the perfect cooperation and help, and all who have given me this chance; I would like to express my grateful thanks. It was not easy to get used to such a car, hopefully I have made it. I just moved forward a bit; and - there are two principles. On the one hand, I am able to drive any fairly strong car without any problems, on the other hand now, after I have adopted habits from the DTM, every vehicle of a lower category allows me to gain an absolute maximum from it," added Michal, who is, for a change, going to "saddle up" a racing truck in two weeks in Spain, whose handling logically poses diametrically different style in driving terms.

"We must admit to have a pleasant feeling about the end of the season like this, as well as the Czech national sprint championship. Michal's pole position and the two wins are a nice full stop at the end of the season, and his A-grade certificate in working with the racing car," commented on the weekend in Brno the BRT manager Petr Najman. "Both Michal and Tomáš Kostka's term collisions have not allowed us to enter all competitions, but those we did were always crowned with double wins. It seems that Michal moved up in the total point scoring in sprints after this weekend. So, the positive evaluation all around," closed the final event Petr Najman.



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