David Scores Point, Matějovký Betters by Three Notches

- 6. 10. 2012, Jarama, Spain -

Tenth place in Jarama cup race 2, Saturday, went to David Vršecký, Michal Matějovský improved his position coming twelfth!

After Mariezcurrena had been penalised, David started on the inside, more advantageous position, got in front of Makinen to a point-scoring position as early as in the first lap, unfortunately finishing his flight he finally came tenth. "I could do nothing despite big effort I was making. It was slippery. We must find out how much the collision with Javier affected the behaviour of the car. I am not going to judge anything until we know," said David in the paddock.

Vice versa, Michal Matějovský was content with his performance. On the final bend, he got in front of Javier Mariezcurren, the winner of two races, and Vršecký's tormentor. "Jarama is fairly technical, which I like. The more laps I drive the more confident I feel. The last overtaking was a little narrow, but it turned out well," summed up the second race in Jarama Michal Matějovský.



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