Rotax International Open 2012 - Czech Pilot Ji Forman Starting from Row One in Final!

- 27. 10. 2012, Zuera, Spain-

The Saturday of 27th October 2012 in the Rotax International Open was devoted to qualifying heats; Ji Forman, a Czech pilot, came with grips with them, winning twice, and once coming second! In total, he will start tomorrow from the first row on the grid, first in such a big race!

The programme began with a warm-up, now on the dry, and the Czech pilot in the English team Protrain's livery was classified on the fifth place in the Rotax Max Seniors category. Ji started from the second row in the first heat, got to the third position as early as in lap one; it was the very moment when his pursuit drive began! Two drivers in front of him had circa a hundred-metre lead, but the Czech driver was drawing near by every lap, topping each one with the best time of the race. Attacking the drivers' positions he got to the first place just three laps before the finish. The dazzling performance was going on: the three in front being in a huge lead over the rest of the staring field were battling hard, creating a magnificent visual spectacle. Their positions were changing, however the two failed to resist Ji Forman's attack one lap before the finish, and he came victoriously through the stripe!

Session two was Ji Forman's concert again. He was driving on the second place after the start, got to the first position in lap three, which he would manage to keep until the finish. He withstood the pressure from two drivers behind him in the last circuit, and after the battle in the last bend when it was possible to overtake he showed he really had grown mature: he kept the inside line, and even managed to got ahead his rivals after coming off the bend. It seemed like a mere duty to keep the lead until the finish.

The third heat-up did not leave the Saturday's sessions scenario line either. Ji Forman started well keeping second during the first three laps. Then he got the lead, but had to let a driver behind his position for a while to capture the first notch soon. He succeeded to keep it until the last bend but after the "wheel to wheel" battle he tightly finished second.

"I have never managed to finish in such a position after the heats to be in the first row in the final! Moreover facing stronger competition than during this year's Rotax Eurochallenge; after all the winner Babington is here, but also Singleton, Hand, Harrison, Blom, Sasahara and many more. I feel happy I have adapted to the new racing machine, and I am looking forward to final battles," did not hide his joy at the great result Ji Forman.



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