Journey Across South America to Explore - DAKAR RALLY 2014

- 5. 1. 2014, Rosario, Argentina -

╚ESKOSLOVENSKŢ MOTORSPORT (╚SMS) (the Czechoslovak Motorsport) and the Buggyra have been co-operating in the truck circuit racing for long. After the Buggyra team had begun being engaged in the most prestigious event in the field of extreme rallies, the ╚SMS naturally associated, however, first in an observing role. Expectedly, the Tatra Buggyra Racing team do not lack ambitions in the Dakar Rally, which is evident from contracting Martin Kolomř, who came fifth in the last year's Dakar, category Trucks, being the best out of Czechs! This year, he is among 70 strong competitors on the start line in the Truck category, but also 174 bikes, 40 quads, out of 431 racing machines in total take part in this event.

The ╚ESKOSLOVESNKŢ MOTORSPORT's representative in this year's Dakar is Miroslav Forman: "When I arrived at the airport as ╚SMS's rep, I had no idea what would await me during nearly a three-day journey. As early as Stanislav Matýjovskř came in with the news that the Buggyra team had given us opportunity to see the Dakar I knew that such a challenge should be taken up. But my idea about this event was just vague, intermediated by the media. If we, as a racing team, are to ever consider the participation in extreme races like the Dakar, we must gain own experience and perspective. Only then will we be able to competently decide our part - if ever - in such races. This is the main reason why I'm here, in the Dakar," explains Miroslav Forman, the Czech Republic's car racing ex-champion, and the ╚SMS's representative in an accompanying crew of the Buggyra team in the DAKAR RALLY 2014, and goes on: After a long flight to Santiago, Chile, we set out for 1,400-km-long journey to Rosario, Argentina, where the Dakar Rally starts this year. There we met up with other Buggyra teammates. Above all, it was thanks to the Buggyra team's technical director, Robin DolejÜ, that all requisites regarding the vehicle took less than two days as usual, so we became members of the team with accompanying vehicles in this famous race in a while, however, with a slightly damaged car No. 1056," gives the coverage Miroslav Forman, and adds: "Not only Rosario is all enthusiastic about the races but also the whole country; the Dakar attracts attention of all people we've been coming across on our journey. All race participants, including mechanics and accompanying teams, get warm welcome everywhere. Three million people are expected to take part in events linked to the race during five days before the start!"

The accompanying team got acquainted with a "travelling site", the so-called Bivouac, where all racing drivers, mechanics, accompanying teams, journalists will meet every day after every racing stage to put up their bases. Another morning they will re-pack all their stuff to go to the finish of another. The Bivouac in Rosario was on the car racing circuit nearby the airport, and any of the participants was enjoying a bit of peace and quiet before a hard fourteen-day race. The Tatra Bugyra Racing team's racing driver, Martin Kolomř, was drinking in the sun before Sunday's 809-km-long journey across a difficult terrain, but was apparently looking forward to the live start of the Dakar Rally: "I've been to the Dakar several times, but any time this race is another challenge for me. Organisers have been picking out more difficult stages year by year, which is enjoyable and attractive for me. I guess, we'll be able to assess our real chance as early as after three, four stages."

The evening on Friday was devoted to the "ARGENTINEAN NIGHT TO LAUNCH THE DAKAR 2014", a special gala event, where the Minister of the Tourism of Argentina, Carlos Enrique Meyer, along with Etienne Lavinge, the director of the Dakar Rally, invited all to take part in this year's Dakar Rally. Racing vehicles of all categories were presented on Saturday afternoon. Watched by dozens of thousand spectators, this magnificent spectacle began with the previous years' top drivers' rides: "TOP PILOT/RIDERS TOUR", followed by racing vehicles passing the platform! It was amazing to watch a column of machines from polished factory-made specials, private machines having ambition to finish among the top, to enthusiasts who often take part in the Dakar without being in a real chance to win. However, all of them have one thing in common: strong emotions lack of which would make it impossible to deal with such a race.

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(from Rosario, Miroslav Forman)

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