Matějovský Visiting Křenek Motorsport Team's Service Garage

- 3. 3. 2014, Prague, CZE -

Killer disease or severe injury; just a second and human being's life gets changed. He is caught between life and death. Despite surviving, more often than not, he is not able to live a usual life any more, however, a few are ... driven by the pure will, great faith, and energy, buried inside any living creature, as winners swear, waiting to be uncovered.

Stanislav Matějovský - whose tale is among sixty-seven fascinating stories depicted in the book by Veronika Kramlová and Karel Felt called Winning Over Death - was one of the godfathers of this new interesting book together with Petr Čech and Petr Koukal. All of the three as well as the authors christened the book in Prague, on Monday, 3rd March 2014.

It is not fame, medals or success that play a dominant role in the Winning Over Death but the strong will that has helped the actors to fight with their destiny and who has truly cheated the death. They all cherish such a victory saying it is the most important win in their lives. Not anybody else's but mostly stories of the Olympics winners and world champions are included in the book. The stories are not shown in order of diagnosis, sorts of sport or achieved success, neither other criteria, but it is alphabetical one supposed to maintain "objectivity".

"I wish our stories generated motivation in sports people who have undergone bad days, but also - perhaps mainly - ordinary people who attract little attention, unlike us, and who every so often can't afford more but first-line treatment. To overcome adversity, beat illnesses or recover from injuries is mainly about a strong will and desire to win a battle, which is far more important that all those cups and medals, as it's their life at stake," Petr Čech, a football goalkeeper said before the book appearing. To get more information about the book and watch a video footage click on

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