Křenek Motorsport Team's Drivers Going Through FIA ETCC 2014 First Racing Weekend

- 20. 4. 2014, Le Castllet, France -

The first racing weekend of this season's FIA ETCC finished on the Paul Ricard circuit at Le Castellet (FRA) on Sunday, 20th April 2014. The Křenek Motorsport team's drivers, Michal Matějovský and Petr Fulín, were both in the top tier in their class TC2 during Friday and Saturday's test sessions, as well as in the qualifying session on Saturday. Petr Fulín was the best to enter the 2014 season, as it had been only a Russian Karamyshev who had beaten him up in the first race, although he was in the race in his Chevrolet Cruze in the TC2T category. The fourth to come to the finish line in the first race was another Křenek Motorsport team's driver, Michal Matějovský.

The best session at Le Castellet for the reigning champion Petr Fulín was the second race of the FIA ETCC, and he is taking a winning double. Fulín's teammate Michal Matějovský had started the second race perfectly keeping the second position, however had a sort of technical problems due to a transmission sensor defect, therefore this driver coming from the city of Hradec Králové would have to go to pits to have it repaired. Then he went back to the track and after a pursuit drive he would bring back one point for the eight position in the TC2 category. Now, after the first racing weekend, Petr Fulín is taking first place and Michal Matějovský fifth place.

"Nothing's been settled, it was just first race, and we're in Slovakia in three week's time, where I once won, so I do believe I'll get more points. Here in France, the driving was fine for me despite I've been here for the first time. The team was just perfect, and if it had not been that slight defect, which was repaired soon, my position could have been better. After all, me and Peter were in the first two places after the second race start ...,"Michal Matějovský said after the racing weekend on the Paul Ricard circuit in France.

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