Looking Back At Races On Slovakia Ring

- 19. 5. 2014, Hradec Králové, CZE -

The round in Slovakia finished ten days ago but a pleasant feeling about good performance is still coming over the team. Both Křenek Motorsport team's drivers, Petr Fulín and Michal Matějovský, made it to the podium finish, and earn points they need for better position before entering the second half of the season. This article and three short accompanying videos takes you through these races again.

"Miss Slovakia, Karolína Chomisteková, came to see my race last year, before I had been supported by Miss World, Taana Kuchařová; now it is Karolína Chomisteková along with 1st Vicemiss Slovakia, Lucie Semanková, who arrived at the Slovakia Ring. I'm glad and I thank them for their support. My thanks also go to all partners and fans who arrived at the Slovakia Ring despite the bad weather. I'm definitely gonna carry on results alike in Austria we are leaving for this week," Michal Matějovský said after the races in Slovakia.

Videos: Clip Races on Slovakia Ring, Clip Interview with Michal Matějovský and Clip Looking Back at Pre-Start

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