Buggyra on Podium in Most! Lacko Winning, Third Place Going to Vršecký

- 30. 8. 2014, Most, CZE -

The European Truck Racing Championship is going on by the sixth round taking place on the autodrom in Most at the weekend. Filled stands saw the Czech team Buggyra's triumph in Race 2 as Adam Lacko clinched a win; the excellent result was emphasised by David Vršecký's third place.

Rain had been coming down at dawn in Most on Saturday, therefore drivers took part in a fifteen-minute warm-up on the drying track, in a dense fog. These conditions were favourable for Adam Lacko who would benchmark the fastest time as the only one driving below the limit of two minutes and four seconds. Scheduled for the morning had been a timed practice session, but was red-flagged due to electricity failure. The Buggyra's two drivers easily qualified for the Super Pole; David Vršecký set the fifth fastest time whereas Adam Lacko took one position behind. In the Super Pole, it was as early as in Lap 1 when the positions on the start grid were clear, as during next ones nobody would go faster. Lacko gained the second row; Vršecký started the race from one row behind him.

Before the first championship race, there was a rain shower again that drove off huge crowds of fans to sheltered stands opposite pits. However, it cleared up and the Start was in sunny weather. Starting excellently was Vršecký who manoeuvred his way to the fifth position; it seemed for a while that Lacko would get to the third position, however a seasoned driver, Albacete, managed to defend it. However, five trucks got involved in collision in the middle of the field and stopped at the first chicane. The management decided for a red flag. After a twenty-minute break there was another Start that came off for Adam Lacko. Now, the Buggyra's driver got before Albacete to the third position. Enthusiastic applause of fans, however, died away soon as Gerd Korber got stuck entering the first turn, and the race was broken off again. The third Start turned out well, however, there was decrease in its length, just seven laps instead of original eleven. Now, Antonio Albacete managed to keep Adam Lacko behind therefore he would finish in the fourth place. Also the fifth Markus Bösiger prevented David Vršecký from getting in front of him, so the Buggyra's drivers kept their start positions. While leading Norbert Kiss was rushing for his victory, Jochen Hahn, Antonio Albacete and Adam Lacko, keeping up with the fastest, were fighting for the second place. This shorten race had not been giving drivers too many chances, so Lacko tried to attack Albacete but failed as he remained calm.

The skies turned grey before championship Race 2, yet it would be on the dry track. So spectators gathered on a slope were looking forward for another thrilling battle of five-and-a-half-ton monsters. David Vršecký was on the second row after the first eight's reverse positions from Race 1, followed by Adam Lacko. The first chicane on the Most circuit was a bit jammed after the Start, but with no hustles. Anthony Janiec managed to defend the Pole Position, and David Vršecký got behind him thanks to his perfect start. Adam Lacko's start was even better so he bettered his fifth position and got behind David to the third place. Supported by loud applause of fans David Vršecký tried to attack the French driver nearly at all turns, however, a narrow track did not provided him with too many opportunities. While trying to attack at the finish of Lap 5, Vršecký came into a contact and hold-up, which brought benefit to his teammate Adam Lacko who got into the lead. Antonio Albacete got in front of Vršecký at the initial chicane, so the No. 33 Buggyra fell in the third position. Lacko ahead built up his lead by two seconds, and was permanently increasing it. He took the chequered flag cheered by the standing crowds on the main stands. The excellent result of the Czech team was completed by David Vršecký's third place.

"Although the first place here earns the same points like in Italy, I naturally more enjoy the victory here. We managed to get ahead after the start, which was very important. David tried to attack Janiec at the last turn, but failed, so I took advantage of that and got to the lead. It's fantastic feeling to win being watched by our partners and fans," said after the race Lacko feeling happy. "After a good start, I was going to repeat our double from Italy. Nevertheless, nothing goes to plan. Attempt to attack Janiec didn't turn out like I'd wished, and I paid for that with one place. But I'm happy we're both on the podium here, in front of the home audience," said bronze Vršecký.

Michal Matějovský, the Buggyra team's test and substitute driver, was fairly busy there in Most on Saturday, too, although he is appearing in the team's facilities more than on a track this year. "I express my hearty congratulations to both teammates on their success. I'm glad that I can be here and I wish them success on Sunday," said on Saturday Michal Matějovský, who was seeing to guests, drove them in a show car Camaro ZL1 on a polygon in Most, gave some autograph sessions within an accompanying programme and interviews about his performance in this year's FIA ETCC, where he is now second in the standings before the last round at Pergusa on Sicily. Visitors to autodrom in Most could see his racing BMW 320si that was on display in the Buggyra facilities. The Buggyra team took the first place in the Constructors' Championship title in Most on Saturday, so secured their second position in the rankings. Lacko is taking the fourth place now, Vršecký bettered by one notch getting now the fifth place.

Adam Lacko na startu sobotního závodu Ze sobotních závodů FIA ETRC 2014 v Mostě Ze sobotních závodů FIA ETRC 2014 v Mostě Ze sobotních závodů FIA ETRC 2014 v Mostě Závodní vůz BMW 320si a týmové předváděcí vozidlo Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Ze sobotní autogramiády Adama Lacka, Davida Vršeckého a Michala Matějovského na diváckém svahu Z převáděcích jízd s vozem Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 na mosteckém polygonu Z převáděcích jízd s vozem Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 na mosteckém polygonu Adam Lacko a Michal Matějovský Michal Matějovský během rozhovoru s Láďou Holomčíkem v týmovém zázemí Buggyra Na startu sobotního závodu Na startu sobotního závodu

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