Hopes Killed Among Dunes at Erg Chebbi

- 5. 10. 2014, Erfoud, Maroko -

On Sunday, 5 October, trucks started shortly after 9. a.m. to set off on 211-km long stage mapped out in Erfoud’s surroundings, with sections going through the sand dunes area. Unfortunately, it is just there, about 120 km off the start, where Václav Svoboda’s Tatra engine failure occurred, so they could not go on in Stage 2 as well as all OiLibya Rally of Morocco.

“In the morning we started well, and step by step were getting ahead first tens of kilometres to be on fourth position. Then we got to the area of large sand dunes at Erg Chebbi and there in the hardest section the engine broke down. Piston rod cracked due to material fatigue, and pierced engine block; so we had to pull out of the race. Despite this nasty accident we’re glad to take part in this challenging race and gain valuable experience,” said after that unlucky Stage 2 Václav Svoboda.

The team was busy with trying to get their Tatra free all night. First, the locals with a tractor offered their hand, but failed. Late in the night the team were given stronger tow to the 60-km distant pits at Erfoud where they arrived at in the morning. The race is going on today with Stage 3 from Erfoud to Zagora, however with Czech participation in the truck category...

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