Svoboda Tatra Team Brings Back Valuable Experience

- 11. 10. 2014, Broumov, CZE -

Coming back from the OiLibya Rally of Morocco on Saturday, 11 October 2014, was the Svoboda Tatra Team. It is only memories of a beautiful country and even more fascinating rally among sand dunes in the south of Morocco that remain after a long journey back. The Czech team with their racing vehicle crew, Svoboda-Drázda-Novák, who had entered the competition in Morocco about a week ago brought off Stage 1 among the dunes at Erg Chebbi, however, in Stage 2 they would finally withdraw from battles for a good position on the route running alike due to a pierced engine block. Enjoying the victory in the truck category after six-day fights finishing in Marrakech was a favoured Dutch driver Gerard de Rooy in Iveco. The Czech Svoboda Tatra Team are going to arrange things for another competition after necessary technical repairs.

"I'm glad we got all technical equipment back to Bohemia with no damage. The thing that occurred in Stage 2 may happen in such competitions once in a while; the vehicle must be kept at maximum power among dunes otherwise you can't get through ... We've got invaluable experience both in arrangements for the team's participation in such a competition and the race alone. We've checked that the car can be up against competition even in the most severe conditions. But we know now what's the technical equipment weakest link ... So we must concentrate on a driving unit. The Tatra engine we went to Africa with, unfortunately, doesn't reflect the latest trends, therefore, we're going to work towards a new solution in this sphere to be able to compete with the world's bests. We're happy we could represent our partners in Morocco not only having their brands on our truck, but there were also talks accompanied with some products show, which might help encourage business cooperation," said Václav Svoboda, the team's boss after coming back from the Morocco rally.

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