Matėjovský Taking Part in Buggyra's Final Testing Prior to Dakar

- 17. 10. 2014, Senica, Slovakia -

At the end of the past week, the Tatra Buggyra Racing tested their "Fat Boy" in Senica, Slovakia. "It was opportunity to test new components for the last time, and what's more in live conditions. Now it's only the racing special reconditioning, and leaving for the Dakar that awaits us. No more we can make before the world's most famous rally," said in the Tatra Buggyra Racing team's base after testing in Slovakia Martin Kolomý expressing satisfaction with modifications to the chassis.

Also Michal Matėjovký was there to take part in testing. Full of enthusiasm about the ride he then said: "It really was a great experience. I did enjoy the testing and I think the vehicle is gonna be a tough rival to other competitors next year in January ... ."

What awaits this Dakar special now is reconditioning, and then, in the middle of November, a journey to South America where the famous Dakar starts early in January. The team from the town of Roudnice is going on their testing schedule, according to which another special Tatra 815 Buggyra is being manufactured in the technological centre workrooms.

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