Rest Day on Dakar - Discussions and Meeting Up

- 12. 1. 2015, Iquique (Chile) -

Teams in the Dakar always welcome a day off when drivers or riders rest whereas mechanics have time to do repairs. It is also a day to join in discussions about next stages. As to the Tatra Buggyra Racing team, it was also a meeting- up day, since Czech drivers, Martin Kolomý, Aleš Loprais, Tomáš Vrátný and Martin Macík had got together in the team's base.

Taking part in the Internet discussion, the Czech drivers talked about difficulties in this year's Dakar, recounted their experiences in the stages, and assessed their chances for the rankings.

Martin Macík had to face a few proposal of relationship Czech gals had made, Tomáš Vrátný talked about troubles he had had during the last stage, and Aleš Loprais, naturally, did not evade questions as to why he is not driving Tatra but MAN, whereas Martin Kolomý responded to numerous questions relating to his accident.

"Although we've tested a lot this year, we must be more thoroughly prepared for driving in the dunes, as it's just the crucial section for success, so we mustn't lose on this piste surface; everywhere else we're able to keep up with all competitors. Unlike last year, we have technical equipment we're able to face competition with, and count on, so we may hope for the top positions," Martin Kolomý said not lacking ambition. What awaits pilots tomorrow is a very hard stage from Iquique to Calama whose route runs at high altitudes where piste surface differs and includes sand dunes. The difficult stage was also pointed out by the FIA Technical Delegate, Fabien Calvet: "In my opinion, the stage tomorrow might be the hardest in this year's Dakar, it's all-embracing, with all sorts of difficulties, and is sure to put drivers and their vehicles to the test."

Having trust in the crew and Tatra as well as their resolution are the Tatra Buggyra Racing team's trump card for the second half of the Dakar Rally. And it is a lot, indeed!

For ČSMS Miroslav Forman, Iquique Chile

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