Kolomý Jumps as at Dakar 2011, Valtr does not Enjoy Stage 6

- 8. 1. 2016, Uyuni, Bolivie -

In the sixth stage both crews of the TATRA BUGGYRA RACING team in the truck category again ended in the first ten. Martin Kolomý ranked seventh, thus supporting his overall sixth rank with the loss of less than thirteen minutes after the first ranking Stacey. Jarda Valtr after a decent performance like on Thursday ranked tenth. The Czech pilot with eighteenth overall ranking driving Tatra Phoenix racing special did not enjoy the stage too much, though. “The mountain stage was very difficult, lots of curves, but I did not like it very much, especially when the curves turned into an extensive straight section 140 km long. Although the truck worked faultlessly I simply did not enjoy the ride. Our only problem was the speed limiter and I only hope there will be no penalty for speed limit exceeding. I am satisfied with the tenth rank,” was the comment on the sixth stage by Jaroslav Valtr.

A hot instant was lived through by the crew of Martin Kolomý, who after a jump balanced on the edge of a river basin at the speed of 130 kph in a situation resembling the scenario of Dakar 2011 when, as a result, Martin had to be transported to hospital by a helicopter. Thanks to the on-board camera and the connected intercom you can see with your own eyes what the dangerous moment actually looked like: VIDEO.

“A very demanding stage in the course of which I unfortunately made two piloting mistakes, which, luckily, only cost us a time loss. The first mistake was insufficient powering of the engine to finish one cornering which took us to the edge of a river basin. I though the truck would fall on the side. The second crisis came when Kilda reported a river basin 200 metres ahead of us, I raised my head and the basin was right in front. The hit was like at Dakar 2011, luckily the standards of our Tatra today are so much higher that now we are here and not on the way to hospital in a helicopter like five years ago,” said Kolomý adding: “On the other hand, I visited the local hospital anyway this year, for an ear inflammation. Yesterday I had problems to put my helmet on in the morning so I had to tear off the intercom and only have it mono. Today local healthcare professionals, and I was surprised by the number of them arriving to perform the operation, cut it out and so tomorrow I will again drive stereo.“

“We approach the end of the first half of this year´s Dakar and I am so happy about how the trucks work. We do not have to address big issues, just minor things. Nevertheless the vehicles are under extensive control and care, we check everything all the time and make preventive replacements, from tyres via brakes and engine parts to lubrication and axle cleaning. After each stage I and my boys always make a list of what needs to be done and work on it all night till the morning. We say to ourselves whether this is what we really want to do and whether we still enjoy the work. But yes, we have to, it is the famous Dakar!” said the very tired but still optimistic David Vršecký.

“At about 78th kilometre of today´s stage we were approached by a quicker vehicle. I wanted to give way but when I drove to the road edge we were trapped and could not get out with the reduced engine power. With assistance of helpful viewers we eventually managed to get out but still we lost 15-20 minutes," said Tomáš Ouředníček in the bivouac after ending the stage with 49th rank.

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